Brother Nathanael Compares Obama to Vladimir Putin

Those of you looking for ways to “make a difference” might like to consider donating to Brother Nathanael’s Foundation. He has been doing sterling activism work now for several years. Always on the side of truth and clarity, he truly deserves the generous support of the public: both American and beyond.

About Brother Nathanael’s Orthodox Christianity

Loquendo is usually scathing of Christianity … as expressed by the Catholic Church (the Church of Rome), and by Protestantism (especially the CofE, and those silly Zionist-Sects that dominate the USA).

Those who are unable or unwilling to consider returning to Europe’s authentic religious root — Asatru — should at least seriously consider converting to the Orthodox Church.

Crucially, we must find the resolve to reject the distorted, politically hijacked, ‘Jewified’, and utterly corrupt “State Sanctioned” churches that for too long have been allowed to dominate Europe, North America, and Australasia.

Such (western) churches DO NOT CARE about your Spiritual Health!

The Brother Nathanael Foundation website.

Brother Nathanael’s Real Jew News website (for incisive/enlightening videos and articles).

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