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Written → 14 March 2014

Long before mass tourism and giant shopping malls disturbed the oriental mystery that was once central Bangkok, Loquendo waded knee deep with large (aqualung wearing) Rats in Sukhumvit Road’s once annual floodwaters. 🙂

He has eaten dog meat in China, camel meat in Saudi Arabia, Jerk Chicken in Montego Bay, Tex-Mex in Houston, and Lapu-Lapu in Cebu; has parasailed in Corfu, and fished for Blue Marlin 25 miles off Jamaica’s north coast (catching a tuna instead). O_o

For lack of a decent book to read, he has illicitly hunted for flint arrowheads and “desert roses” deep in the Arabian Desert, and driven the winding road to Medina (through the Hijaz Mountains).

Testing providence, he has been robbed in a prime Manila thoroughfare by a group of armed Police, threatened with a gun at a Kingston (Jamaica) intersection, and actually shot at in both Houston (Texas) and Baghdad (Iraq).

During the grey mid-1990s he was essentially bankrupted (for all practical purposes) by England’s corrupt and habitually collapsing housing market, but by 2004 had managed to strategize and work his way back to life and solvency.

Back in 1996 while inconvenienced by a chronic and now bloody ingrowing toenail, he once pursued a voluptuous Sari-clad Indian girl in the narrow streets of Madras after watching her pray seductively at a temple lingam. Alas for his romantic ambitions at that time, this young Indian-Spicy lady was too light on her poppadom feet (either that, or she was late for an appointment) and got away. Loquendo admits to watching a great many Bollywood movies during the 1990s! 😮


Loquendo now lives — sans the offending toenail (since surgically removed) — in a politically shaky and vastly overrated part of Indochina.

There, the great mysteries of life have been sufficiently pondered to make it clear that life presents far too much to learn inside one lifetime. Especially so when a significant chunk of one’s allotted time may well have been spent chasing illusions. But learn we must, else we condemn ourselves and become the mere pawns of others. 

This Blogger believes a broad-based view of the world is vastly superior to specialization, because it more closely reflects classical teachings (that of the Trivium).

He describes specialization as “tunnel vision” masquerading as intelligence. He urges all his readers to metaphorically soar like the Eagle … so the widest horizons may be contemplated while retaining the option to zoom straight down to ‘focus’ as and when necessary.

It is hoped you will always find this eclectic Blog enlightening, thought-provoking, and radical.

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  1. Trivium, an introductory curriculum at a medieval University involving the study of grammar, rhetoric and logic ! To say that is a mouth full would be an under statement ! But interesting all the same !

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