Can You Visualize “$1 Trillion”?

Please Note: A short examination of how “Trillions” applies to both the Rothschilds and “Derivatives” follows this visualization. Suggested “Further Reading” is also provided at the foot of this Post.

Let’s begin with $100 in Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs)


One $100 bill


Next, let’s scale that up to a packet of one hundred / 100 x $100 bills ($10,000) measuring less than 1/2″ thick.


One Hundred $100 bills


How about $1-Million? Here’s that amount, represented by this relatively small pile of $100 bills … note that we are using 100 packets each of $10,000 value:


One Hundred packs of $100 bills


So far, so good. Now … what about One Hundred Million “Dollars” (FRNs)?


One Hundred Million packs of $100 bills (one pallet)


Just so happens that amount can fit nicely onto one standard wooden pallet.

But now we need transportation. Can no longer run off (literally) with the loot!  😦

Mmmm … so One Billion FRNs ($1,000,000,000) must be pretty large right?

Well, here is One Billion of Janet Yellen’s funny money, loaded up on pallets and ready for your wagon:


One Billion packs of $100 bills (ten pallets)


Woah! That’s quite a load!

So maybe One Trillion FRNs (or “Dollars” if you are still an unknowing Slave) is going to be ten times bigger than this? Right?


One TRILLION is either a “million million” or “a thousand billion” (depending on notation adopted: longform or shortform). In shortform notation, the amount is one followed by 12 zeros!


Here is how One Trillion ‘Dollars’ (or Pounds, or Euros) would look like, as stacked on wooden pallets in $100 note denomination:


One Trillion packs of $100 bills (pallets double stacked)


Note that this Trillion Dollar consignment has been DOUBLE STACKED.

You are looking at a mass of one pallet stacked upon another, before being laid out as shown.

It is estimated the Rothschild Family alone are worth $10-Trillion … perhaps much, much more. Since about 1820, England has effectively been owned by the Rothschilds … as is Israel today.

World Economy Awash With Derivatives (Paper Contracts)

The so-called “2008 Financial Crisis” was caused by a collapse in the global derivatives market. That is what brought down Lehman Brothers … the catalyst or trigger for the ensuing wider collapse.

As of 2012, the entire world economy was worth about $60-Trillion.

As of December 2011, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) estimated the size of the global derivatives market at $647 Trillion.

Others see its nominal worth (so long as everyone keeps playing the denial game) at something nearer $1,200 Trillion ($1.2 quadrillion)

But that BIS guestimate only includes the over the counter market (OTC). It does not include exchange traded derivatives.

The global derivatives market is unregulated and quite possibly under reported. The financial institutions have successfully lobbied for years to block any attempt at regulating the market.

Roughly 75% of the market is interest rate contracts (i.e. forward rate agreements, interest rate swaps (the largest component) and options on interest rates).

The next largest component is foreign exchange contracts and that only constitutes roughly 10% of the market.

The third largest category is credit default swaps (CDS) and that makes up roughly 4% of the market.

The remainder comprises commodity contracts (including gold and silver) and equity linked contracts.

The Western Banking System is knee deep in Jewish ‘Science’: ALCHEMY

This is precisely why your economy, and everyone else’s (outside of SE Asia and S. Korea) is in such a big mess.

The global derivatives market is nothing more than a huge gambling casino … and worse … is mostly driven by computer algorithms acting within a system called “High Frequency Trading” (HFT).

High Frequency Trading is the modern equivalent of the old-fashioned Wash Trades, where a share or contract was sold and purchased by the same actor, for the purpose of momentarily driving up its market price.

Wash Trades were used extensively during the 1920s, contributing to the Wall Street crash. Ever since, they’ve been illegal (allegedly).

What is being presented to you in your nightly news is the intellectual equivalent of a succession of Pigs that have been dressed up with Lipstick, a Tutu, and a handbag.

Despite the obviousness of the giant ruse in play, only a few feel ready to acknowledge the hoax and sham being perpetrated … on you, me, and the entire world.

Do the current perpetrators of this global financial system deserve the Death Penalty?

A Quick Summary:

  • As of 2012, the entire global economy (i.e., trade flows) was worth about $60-Trillion;
  • The Net-Worth of the Rothschilds is guesstimated at somewhere between $10 and $30-Trillion;
  • By end 2011, the Basel-based BIS estimated the size of the global derivatives market at $647-Trillion (while others say $1,200-Trillion);
  • The total value of all gold ever mined is around $8 to $9-Trillion: a value that is obviously subject to Spot Market variations;
  • According to Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog in each of the fiscal years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, the US Government had to borrow $8-Trillion;
  • The UK’s National Statistics Agency recently added Prostitution and the import, manufacture, and consumption of illegal drugs (like crack cocaine and heroin) to official estimates of Britain’s economy. Despite this upwards adjustment, the UK’s overall GDP (including North Sea Oil and Gas) is still ‘only’ £1.5 trillion ($2.44-Trillion).



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