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Old Testament (Tanakh) Is Full Of Plagiarized Nonsense

The so-called ‘Bible’ is replete with plagiarized nonsense, trawled up from superstitious civilizations that existed long before the semi-mythical ‘Hebrews’ (Habiru = bandits) roamed within that perplexing region that lies between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean coastline.

Understand that the Tanakh is derived from the Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim: hence the acronym T^N^K. This ad-hoc collection of ancient writings is alternatively known as:

  • The Jewish Bible;
  • The canon of the Hebrew Bible;
  • The Masoretic Text, or Miqra.

The ridiculous (childish) story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS … supposedly given to Moses on Mount Sinai, was copied or elaborated from:

  1. The story of the Canaanite god Baal-Berith, the “God of the Covenant”;
  2. The Commandments of the Buddhist Decalogue;
  3. The life of Zoroaster who had also received “the Law” from Ahura Mazda … from the mountain top;
  4. King Hammurabi who received “the Laws” from the Babylonian God … also from a mountain top!

Do your own research. There is ample material out there, which will essentially explain and confirm the above.

Naturally, and for best effect, you will need to split your research effort into two parts. I recommend you begin your quest by acquainting yourself with the work of two very competent researchers: D.M. Murdock, and Joseph Atwill.

Old Testament:

You would do well to look-up the independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology, D.M. Murdock: also known as “Acharya S.” It is not necessary to accept every single thesis she puts forward in order to gain great insight, and thus great benefit, from her work.

She has long operated the popular website: Truth Be Known.

I have read many passages from her various books, read her articles, watched YouTube® video presentations of certain core theories, and listened to her being interviewed on Red Ice Radio. Her knowledge of religious history is truly excellent. Possibly without equal. She is also very cogent and brave.

New Testament:

The methodical and scholarly research if Joseph Atwill is as refreshing as it is impressive. While D.M. Murdock’s published work does include analyses of the ‘Jesus’ myth, I would say her stronger suit is the Tanakh, while Atwill simply “blows apart” both Jesus and the Gospels of the New Testament like no other.

Mr. Atwill first came to prominent attention with his book: Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus.

His blog discusses “Caesar’s Messiah” – a transformative work of excellence that provides a new and revolutionary understanding of the [true] origin of Christianity: who the real Jesus was, what the New Testament actually is, and when Christ’s second coming [actually] occurred.

Time to jettison the fairy tale ‘Jewish’ baggage that was foisted on your shoulders when you were still very young and vulnerable.

If you are ethnically European then please wake-up, grow-up, and return to your pre-Christian roots!

All the better for opposing those who follow the Talmud, for they are truly the enemy of mankind … and especially of all ethno-Europeans.

Ergo, the philosophy of the Third Reich was NOT evil … it was (under those circumstances of the 1920s and early 1930s) entirely realistic, pragmatic, and wise.

If a variant were ever to be adopted by Canada, Britain, or Australia, each would be quickly transformed (probably within 3 years) into a peaceable, cohesive, happy, independent, and economically stable nation.

This transformation process would commence with the immediate cessation of the destructive, ‘Jew’ inspired (i.e., Talmudic) policy of mass immigration … along with the outlawing of the privatized and centralized control of currency: that fancy paper which pretends to be money, and on which you have been hoaxed into believing you must always pay compound interest.



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