12 Books Worth Your Time

(1) Longitude [pp 175] — is a gem of a book. The first 75% of which will keep you riveted. The author flags near the end, but that is to be expected; such is the level of detailed research that burgeons the book’s first three-quarters. Prior to reading this book, you would never have imagined clock making could be so enthralling. Longitude explains how astronomy, navigation, and horology were fused together by the tireless ambitions of clock-makers in Britain and elsewhere in Europe; but with the Yorkshireman, John Harrison pre-eminent amongst them. We take east-west or west-east navigation for granted today. But throughout the great age of discovery ship’s captains were well aware that their ability to reach destinations east or west of their positions required rather too much estimation and luck. In other words, they would routinely set sail on a ship and a prayer. The book charts Harrison’s life story: a mechanical genius who pioneered the science of “portable precision timekeeping”. What Isaac Newton once considered impossible, was realized by a reclusive English clockmaker working mostly near the precipice of personal bankruptcy. Longitude also reveals exactly why we have this otherwise strange concept called “Greenwich Mean Time”.

(2) The Quiet American [pp 183 :: for 1957 Bantam original] — is another gem of a book. I had inherited this original yet still mint condition book from a fellow traveller in Bangkok. I was taking up residence in an apartment he (a former Barrister, and now novelist) had recently vacated. A cardboard box of read books were left as an act of simple generosity. I selected those titles that most suited my taste and gave the remainder away. Graham Greene’s famous novel was a must keep … especially one printed in its original, early form. Nevertheless, for several years I kept it safe but unread. Instead I contented myself with watching the movie on DVD. Starring Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser, and an amazingly convincing young Vietnamese actress (Do Thi Hai Yen) I considered “The Quiet American” [the movie] one of the most seductive I have ever watched. Many would agree that Michael Caine gave the finest performance of his long career. Fraser was also excellent. My love of this movie is so great, I have already watched it four times. Then I read the book! To my great delight, the story in print felt as fresh as any not yet brought to the silver screen. I would say The Quiet American [the book] performs a very important contemporary role. From an early 1950s viewpoint, it helps us understand the strange psychology that makes the United States of America what it is: an arrogant, ignorant, paranoid, matronly, global bully. Masterfully written by Graham Greene (those who write will recognize this early) this historically accurate story is full of essential information. A primary example being the post-war deployment of captured German (Third Reich) troops by France, in their Indo-China colonies, as an alternative to prison or slave labour. For those who still (foolishly) cling to the exotic romance of south-east Asian women, then this book also satisfies. A thoroughly good read and a deserved classic of literature.

(3) Financial Reckoning Day [pp 276, pub. 2003] — was very prescient. Today, William Bonner (the author, and also Addison Wiggin the co-author) could rightly say “I told you so!”. Financial Reckoning Day was one of the first titles I purchased (during this new millennium) from Asia Books. I read it avidly, making margin notes as I progressed. Admittedly, this book is somewhat dated now. Much of what it predicted has come to pass, while the remainder waits on the horizon. Today, the Internet is crammed with Blogs and “financial experts” all singing hymns first sung by canaries such as Bill Bonner; or variants of those same hymns. Nevertheless, it often pays to go back to the originator of an insight or truth. Many of today’s newly published books are merely expansions or revisions of much older books. I would suggest anyone reading Financial Reckoning Day would be convinced that it is indeed possible to successfully predict financial trends and inevitable outcomes if the person doing the forecasting has first travelled, then first done something else with his life, then done his research homework prior to writing. If I give you this book’s subtitle, I think you will see what I mean: Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century. For that is exactly what we are in now: where inflation and deflation can co-exist within the same economy! Where stock prices keep hitting new records while unemployment ravages entire populations or wipes out a generation, and while the gold price is artificially depressed by a cabal of conniving banksters. Jim Rogers, a short-statured American ‘guru’ relocated his family to Singapore, invested heavily in precious metals, and is regularly invited to appear on most financial TV stations (MSNBC, Bloomberg,etc.). He reviewed this book. On the rear cover he warned: “No one, of course, wants to hear it [the message in Bonner’s book]. They want the quick fix. They want to buy the stock and watch it go up twenty-five percent because that’s what happened last year, and that’s what they say on TV”. Helped by this book, this Blogger became financially savvy before his time, yet he still failed to prepare totally because the speed of change (post 2008) was simply too great for him to keep pace with. There are millions out there who would lament the same way. China unhesitatingly executes its banking criminals and inveterate fraudsters. It is surely past time we ordinary folk living in the hell that some call the “Zionized West”, got the rope ready. We’ve already got more than enough lampposts!


(1) An Ocean Apart [pp 389] — was published in 1988. The inside flap states: An Ocean Apart was developed from the BBC-TV series of the same name, presented by David Dimbleby, with David Reynolds as historical advisor. This richly illustrated book is a magnificent piece of work as it describes a ‘magnificent’ chapter in neo-contemporary history. Essentially, it tells the tale of the so-called “Special Relationship” … the twinning of England with the United States that fascinates England’s political and chattering classes while leaving most Americans (except those living in Manhattan, Washington DC, and the State of Virginia) utterly bemused. The ‘special’ what? What us ordinary folk think matters little. Thirty years ago, when emails were still a prop in Star Trek, this book presaged what has since been popularized by today’s Blogosphere. It is likely this book was conceived in the warm afterglow of Margaret Thatcher’s relationship with Ronald Reagan and Britain’s success in the South Atlantic vis-a-vis The Falklands (Malvinas Islands). Many historical revision adepts have struggled to comprehend the true, underlying relationship between London and Washington, between the City of London and Wall Street, and between the United Kingdom and the United States. While this book is of course intensely biased — it was conceived, written, and edited by the ‘Establishment’ — it nevertheless provides a chronological record of how the British Empire morphed and relocated itself to the other side of the Atlantic, in a series of logical steps … while being assisted throughout by American political naivette, Zio-British agents working feverishly, two world wars, and a Great Depression. The illustrations (mostly B&W) contained therein are magnificent, and act not only as hard evidence, but help to transport the reader back to those other eras. For example, sandwiched between pp 172 and 173 we find a photograph of inside the American Servicemen’s club, located at Rainbow Corner, in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue. Taken in late January 1945, while German males were being slaughtered and thus the heart of Europe being ripped out, it shows about 250 attendees made up of uniformed American GIs and British women dancing intimately together, and “getting it on”. With the benefit of hindsight and the proper historical knowledge, this is actually a very nauseating scene. An Ocean Apart begins with America’s struggle for Independence. Of course, it tells the fairy tail version and makes no mention of the real reason [printing their own money, or Colonial Script] why the Colonists wanted to cut their ties to the tyrannical King George III. The second chapter entitled Learning to Live Together c. 1865-1914 I found specially informative, as there are few other sources that adequately describe the post American Civil War period, leading up to WWI. The book ends with the “Live Aid” era when simultaneous rock concerts were staged either side of the Atlantic (linked by television) for the benefit of Ethiopia (!?), and the sordid attempt to import American culture into Britain wholesale, including the playing of American rules ‘Football’ in London’s Hyde Park. In short, this book illustrates just how mentally sick and depraved those who are selected (in each successive generation) to encourage and manage this peculiar alliance must be.

(2) The Praetorian Guard [pp 205] — was published in 1999. It remains prescient. It tells of the agitation, chaos, and mayhem provoked by the endless meddling and machinations of the CIA: the intricate, intense, and mostly unjustified involvement of Amerika’s Central Intelligence Agency in numerous parts of the world—Iran, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, Angola, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, etc., etc—which according to carefully collated evidence, ended the lives of millions. Had you and your contemporaries been awake, and fully functional men, then you would have surely asked: why would the USA “want” to carry out so many covert operations that make no sense other than a sadistic pursuit of power and hegemony over others? Why has such a large, economically favoured, and militarily well-equipped nation picked on so many small, vulnerable countries in order to destabilize them, stoke civil unrest, and thus prepare their takeover by a corrupt dictator? Why? This book qualifies as one of the first to provide hard answers to such overdue questions. The CIA is the bastard child of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) that was established in 1942 around the time of Pearl Harbour: founded by William ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan under the direction of President FD Roosevelt. By mid 1944 the number of men and women working in the service totalled nearly 13,500 (armed services + civilians). However, soon after July 1945, the OSS was abolished along with many other war agencies: its functions transferred to the Departments of State and of War. In 1947, and with a “Cold War” with the Soviets looming, President Truman recognized the need for a postwar, centralized intelligence organization. He signed the National Security Act of 1947, which established the CIA. This Act charged the CIA with coordinating the nation’s intelligence activities and correlating, evaluating and disseminating intelligence affecting national security. Clearly, there was also an unspoken remit, which soon emerged in Indo-China, as brilliantly described in Graham Greene’s, The Quiet American.

(3) Confessions of an Economic Hit Man [pp 303] — published at the very end of 2005 the author’s revelations slowly emerged to drive the public’s disgust, contempt, and dislike of our current econo-political system to new heights. The Amazon book review states that John Perkins started and stopped writing this book four times over 20 years. Threatened and bribed in an effort to kill the project, he finally decided to publish his expose after he had realized the true motives behind the 9/11 False Flag attack on Lower Manhattan’s World Trade Centre, and the same-day missile attack on one partially occupied wing of the Pentagon. Loquendo has said many times that we (in the so-called West) are being destroyed by the petty prejudices and greed of the ‘female’ or Yin mind, which has long dominated the followers of the Talmud who in turn have utterly poisoned all Western Institutions with their collectivised worship of immorality, filth, and inversion of the relationship between right & wrong. Therefore, it is rather interesting to read Perkins say he was trained early in his career by a “glamorous older woman” as one of many “economic hit men” being groomed to advance the cause of corporate [aka Jewish] hegemony. For most of our lifetimes, we have been constantly encouraged to see ‘global’ institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank as benign, humanistic, and benevolent. Nothing could be further from the truth! They are conniving, ‘gangsta’ institutions: principal actors in a global con-game of mega proportions, where the winner is increasingly taking or syphoning all. This book’s key attraction is its author’s background. Someone who has seen all those bogus, grandiose schemes on the ground, up close and personal. This work manages to partially fill the vacuum left by those who sculpt mutable global theories for the effete, academic mind. In stark contrast, this book’s print process presumably includes immersion in construction dust and mud, while its packing involves being scratched by reinforced-steel bar acquired by stolen money. If you truly wish to know what really happened after the fanciful proclamations of the Head of the IMF, then read this book.


(1) Other Losses [pp XXX] — Donec blandit feugiat dolor, id pretium risus faucibus at. Donec ligula metus, porttitor vitae bibendum quis, cursus quis nunc. Morbi pretium sagittis erat eu adipiscing. Quisque vehicula orci urna, vitae mattis erat tincidunt quis. Etiam ut sapien pellentesque, interdum nulla laoreet, fringilla enim. Ut non lorem odio. Sed eu nisi justo. Suspendisse quam mauris, egestas eget convallis quis, tempor fringilla magna. Vivamus aliquam placerat porta. In non ornare mauris. WILL FOLLOW SOON

(2) Crimes And Mercies [pp XXX] –Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus fringilla lectus et sem elementum feugiat. Nulla facilisi. Aenean porta massa nulla, vitae blandit purus volutpat vel. Pellentesque id pulvinar velit. Sed fringilla libero quis tincidunt fringilla. Etiam vel nunc convallis, tincidunt augue vel, gravida nulla. WILL FOLLOW SOON

(3) Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany [pp XXX] –Vivamus nec urna lectus. Proin sollicitudin, lectus quis laoreet imperdiet, ligula arcu egestas nunc, a placerat nisi odio eu odio. Cras lorem nunc, fermentum eu sollicitudin eu, rutrum nec mauris. WILL FOLLOW SOON


(1) Judaism’s Strange Gods [pp 381] — Amazon-UK Reader Review by richard the little. dated 4 Aug 2014: A condensed version of Hoffman’s monumental work ‘Judaism Discover’. I only had a basic understanding of Tanakh [OT] history and anthropology with a sanitised understanding of New Testament Sadduceeism and Phariseeism so this work was quite an astonishment to myself. If it had not been so well documented, cross referenced and cited, I may have been slightly incredulous about this book. Hoffman with great clarity and ease systematically uncovers the truth that Judaism is not a religion of the Tanakh [OT]. Also the pages of the Talmud are examined to reveal many shocking and unexpected findings. From the Talmud you will discover how a hedge is created around the law, and the many escape clauses and ‘get out of jail free’ loopholes that are created with a multitude of self perpetuating legal and textual arcana, manipulation of scripture, out right lies and deception, also the source of Sigmund Freud’s neurotic preoccupation with sex and the male phallic: just to quote a few ! I was so impressed by the level of dedication, research and scholarly work on the subject matter that I obtained a copy of Mr Hoffman’s work ‘Judaism Discovered’ which did not disappoint. Judaism’s strange Gods should be read by any one interested in history, theology or curiosity to discover what the jews believe and makes up their cognitive conscience. Amazon-USA Reader Review bHappyDaze11, dated December 4, 2011: If you can imagine what an Eastern Pacific Island occupied by Japanese troops looked like after weeks of American naval and aerial bombardment during WW2 – you have an idea of what Hoffman has intellectually and justifiably done to Talmudic and Judaic `learning’ and the intellectual (I use that term loosely) underpinning of a system that cannot be anything other than derived from evil. Hoffman does not cite as a reference source anything other than the texts of rabbis and the sages which, as Hoffman puts it so perfectly – derived and have molted over the past 1700 years into the petrified Pharisee who, with a straight face, tells the world that Talmudic Judaics are charitable, Libertarian minded folks interested in freedom and equality and are in harmony with freedom of speech, worship, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. Were Hoffman to put the Talmudic Orthodox rabbi `on trial’ for being a fraud and a liar in the strictest sense of the terms – he would need not call any witness other than the great sages of the past 1700 years to obtain a conviction. The only witness you need to indict and convict the Rabbi, are the books by which he runs his oppressive and oftentimes criminal enterprise […] After reading this material you will realize that no other religious text contains the blanket hatred, the situational ethics for the predation of others – and the complete lack of honor shown by one directive after the other can be set aside by the Judaic `for a buck’ or where it will cause the general Judaic community to suffer an embarrassment or loss of standing in the larger community. Jonathan Pollard’s Talmudic crime would not be spying on his country and causing the deaths of American servicemen, it was `getting caught’ and casting Judaic people in a bad light, for example. The type of material accumulated and described by Hoffman – and in many cases Hoffman has directly photocopied the `sacred’ rabbinic texts themselves and provides it in the book, conclusively prove that just about everything commonly pushed or known about Talmudic Judaics is a blatant lie. From inculcating old pagan beliefs such as Reincarnation, to attributing an almost magical power to menstrual blood, to `ruling’ that child abuse is not a crime, to twirling a live chicken over their heads to take away all their sins – the cracked nature of the Talmudic Judaic becomes clearer still. In closing, sufficient distribution and discussion (and hopefully translation of these works into more languages and distribution online through Kindle) of this work will nail the coffin shut on the Talmudic zombie who masquerades from the White House, to the Vatican, and to all points in between wearing the mask of tolerance and friendship, when, as anyone examining uncensored and open rabbinical texts can see, the Talmudic face behind the mask is institutionalized hatred with predation of anyone not a rabbi.

(2) Under The Sign Of The Scorpion [pp XXX] — Sed condimentum lectus ac enim hendrerit, at pellentesque libero fringilla. Donec sit amet pretium sem. In sed aliquet nisi. Sed vitae elit faucibus, auctor lacus vitae, adipiscing orci. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vivamus nec urna lectus. Proin sollicitudin, lectus quis laoreet imperdiet, ligula arcu egestas nunc, a placerat nisi odio eu odio. WILL FOLLOW SOON.

(3) The Moon’s A Balloon [pp 336] — This is one of four paperbacks I read while stationed in the desert of Saudi Arabia, during 1980, when working on the huge Gas Gathering Expansion project (south of Shedgum). All were excellent reads (Bring On The Empty Horses, also by David Niven was one of the ‘others’), but The Moon’s A Balloon stood out, and now, all these many years later, I still associate that year with reading this book! No other has ever made me laugh out loud so much. It is innocently witty and I cannot envisage any normal person being more entertained by anything, short of committing an act of indecency in public, or hanging Henry Kissinger from a gallows mounted in Times Square, or Trafalgar Square. While David’s book was a best seller during the late 1970s, I nevertheless purchased mine on impulse at Heathrow Airport. It turned out to be one of the best impulse buys I ever made. Niven’s joy of life helped keep me sane while living and working under conditions that constantly conspired to drag me down. The lives of men like David Niven should be enjoyed and studied, because manhood has been mercilessly attacked since the 1980s by political ideologues and social engineers, alike. Books of this genre show clearly that Testosterone laced, healthy males can have great fun, enrich the lives of all they come into contact with, and ravish the ladies, all while causing minimum damage to their surroundings. Written with a masterful and elegant prose, the first half of “The Moon’s A Balloon” tells the riotous ride that was Niven’s life prior to arriving in Hollywood. His buccaneering and female-seducing friendship with Errol Flynn is one of several memorabilia. The second half focuses mostly on Hollywood and the characters he then met there. Well known names are lampooned, but always in the nicest possible way. Historically worthwhile and fascinating while never letting go of the witty style, which is delightfully dry. The contextual descriptions consistently colourful and evocative. I could not recommend this book enough. Niven’s “The Moon’s A Balloon” is so unique and honest, it would probably have curative effects on the mind of almost anyone reading it; especially as now we find ourselves immersed in such politically infantile and destructive times. Go on, I urge you to obtain your copy. Have your faith in humanity restored  … or at least … faith in that vitally important Anglo-Saxon part of it.

∞ – ∞

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