Irrefutable Proof: Both The Williams ‘Sisters’ Are Transsexuals


Table of Contents (ToC)

  1. A Brief Reality Check
  2. Equal Pay For Unequal Effort
  3. Guessing The Most Likely Consequences
  4. Note The Iconography (and the Sponsors)
  5. When Does Enough Become … More Than Enough?
  6. I Can’t Make You See What You’re Not Ready To See
    1. Update Thursday 17th July 2014:

15 July 2015 ♦ New follow-up post here  〉〉〉

8 minutes

A Brief Reality Check

It is a safe bet that the Venus and Serena Williams “conspiracy” has been sustained by Corporations eager to profit from the artificial ‘spicing’ of women’s tennis.

How else could equal prize money at major international tennis tournaments be justified? Higher prize money attracts greedier sponsors, who then have a vested interest in “talking up” otherwise lame womens’ tournaments.

Most heterosexual men would likely admit to losing interest in major womens’ tennis tournaments, such as Wimbledon and Melbourne, after the quarter finals have been completed. Why? Well by that stage the more physically appealing women (for example — Elena Dementieva — shown below in action) have more often than not been eliminated by the “butch-shoulders crowd”.

The one reliable exception used to be the genuinely beautiful yet powerful Russian: Maria Sharapova (shown here in a hugely appealing short red dress).

Equal Pay For Unequal Effort

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In 2006 the Wimbledon women’s champion was the rather butch looking French-woman, Amelie Mauresmo. Her financial reward was £30,000 less than that given her co-champion, Roger Federer: £625,000 versus £655,000.

Against growing ideological opposition, the All England Club had previously justified this differential by pointing out the women’s tournament comprised of “best-of-three-set” matches while the men had best-of-five contests.

An article published in 2007 by the [now defunct] online magazine Feminspire included this breathless and illogical announcement:

In 2007 … women’s sport took a great leap forward when the winners of both the men’s and women’s Wimbledon championships, Roger Federer and Venus Williams, were awarded equal prize money for the first time.

Thus Billie Jean King’s passionate campaigning was rewarded. She proclaimed: “Women’s tennis is the leader in women’s sports. Equal prize money is a no-brainer.” Really? Or does making decisions without a brain amount to little more than emotional blackmail?

And never overlook the politics involved here. In 2006 Britain’s then Prime Minister, the closet-sodomizing Tony Blair, and the so-called “Culture Secretary” Tessa Jowell, had joined the Lawn Tennis Association (governing body of British tennis), and the Women’s Tennis Association (rulers of the women’s game worldwide) to call for an end to … “the inequality”.

Inequality? Aaagh, so back we go to the central and bogus tenets of Cultural Marxism then.

The great and comical irony, which we all have opportunity to see clearly now, is that in 2007 both of Wimbledon’s Singles Championships were actually won by genetic males. It just so happens that one of them clearly possesses breasts induced by hormone injections, and (probably) surgically altered genitals. 

Don’t be shocked and surprised. Such cosmetic medical procedures have been commonplace in Thailand (i.e., surgeons operating in the quieter Sois of Bangkok) since the early 1990s.

At least some of those closely involved in that equalizing decision must have long known both Venus and Serena Williams are in fact transsexuals.

Williams Sisters looking positively scary

Guessing The Most Likely Consequences

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Of course, a mind-weary and immoral public may choose to simply laugh off this entire matter. Never mind eh? There are far more important issues tormenting our societies today.

Yes, I can see some logic in that standpoint. But on the other hand, this entire Williams Sisters’ Hoax touches the very core of our problems today. Its iconography represents a node point for those tracking back to the source of our Cultural Marxist malaise.

As consumers of sports entertainment, many people have been cheated out of hard earned money (entrance tickets, sponsorship payments, etc.). Many millions more have been made complete fools of: believing they were watching females prevail whenever Serena or Venus lifted yet another trophy.

Genuine professionals, such as Maria Sharapova have every justification for seeking the best legal advice money can buy. That lady’s tennis career has been blighted by having to repeatedly compete against two males in almost every senior tournament she entered.

And of course there are at least 20 other professionals on the women’s circuit who should also be encouraged to sue for damages and professional losses.

When this reality has finally sunk-in to the public mind, there is going to be a very strong reaction. First of incredulous disbelief, and then of anger over being so roundly duped.

And for those still paying subscriptions to any mainstream news outlet … television or print … why do you have to be so naive and gullible?

wtafinals.com_2014-10-20 Spot the Male

Note The Iconography (and the Sponsors)

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Serena Williams has, during his faux professional career in women’s tennis, accumulated huge sums in prize money and sponsorship deals. The accumulated earnings of Serena’s brother ‘Venus’ must be comparable.

The Communists and Talmudists who have long dominated or controlled all ‘Western’ nations (certainly since 1945) would have doubtless been in orgasmic raptures seeing a black ‘female” (especially an artificially created one) dominating a sport traditionally considered a ‘White’ enclave.

Serena’s 1999 singles victory at the U.S. Open made ‘her’ only the second black ‘woman’ ever to win a Grand Slam title; Althea Gibson (1927–2003) was the first.

Serena’s brother, Venus, has been an equally commanding player on the women’s circuit. Both brothers spent several years at the top of the women’s world tennis rankings; both reaching the number-one position in 2002.

By the summer of 2004, Serena Williams had already won six Grand Slam singles titles as well as numerous doubles titles, including a gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. He won the Olympic Singles Gold Medal at the London 2012 competition (defeating the always delectable Maria Sharapova).

Serena Williams is the only “female tennis player” to have won over $50-million in prize money. Much of that should now be returned to ticket-buying tournament attendees as it was gained through blatant fraud. Her Wikipedia page offers a tidy summary of her career history and tournament titles.

wtatennis Sponsors as listed on website_2014-10-20
Typical corporate sponsors for all major WTA tournaments.

When Does Enough Become … More Than Enough?

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Their Olympic titles (Doubles & Singles Gold) should be erased, and the medals returned to the IOC in shame, accompanied by a written apology (to be made public). The International Olympic Committee is head-quartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The tennis coaches for both Serena and Venus must have known they were standing next to transsexuals on the tennis court. It isn’t that difficult to make out a male attempting to be a female. Eventually, the evidence leaks out; especially when you are in regular and “close proximity”.

The Lawn Tennis Association, the International Olympic Committee, and a gaggle of other incompetent organizations are all culpable to a lesser or greater degree. They have facilitated an international fraud, either through negligence or by “turning a blind eye”.

In some cases they have knowingly conspired to manipulate public perception in order to maintain the pretence of the Williams Sisters being ‘female’. They have demonstrated utter contempt for the very people they were set up to serve: the public audiences that make such tournaments possible.

For the IOC, this entire issue is especially serious as they routinely organize and supervise gender testing for most participating female athletes. So surely we are now entitled to ask just how Serena managed to escaped detection during the 2012 Olympic Games?!

Organizers of professional women’s tennis should have begun applying the same precautions to international tennis when Billy Jean King was still serving Aces on court.

I Can’t Make You See What You’re Not Ready To See

^ Table of Contents

This is my modest contribution to a debate that has not yet gone mainstream, but may do so at any moment. Only indignant and determined public pressure will finally bring deserved retributions to what amounts to a thoroughly corrupted western culture.

A situation where two black transsexuals suddenly dominate modern women’s tennis for over a decade could be described as “yet another symptom” of a far wider malaise afflicting the United States especially, but also all other English speaking nations.

My sincere appreciations must again go to Ms. Castle-Jen Basset (and her Husband) for selflessly producing two powerful video testimonies in the pursuit of truth and justice for all. It is her forensic work that inspired the original version of this Blog Post. Only to see them repeatedly deleted by both YouTube and Vimeo.

– § –

Update Thursday 17th July 2014:

^ Table of Contents

After examining the press photo below, if you still remain adamant ‘Serena’ Williams is (somehow) a genetic male, then I would politely suggest your perceptions have been greatly weakened and/or distorted by years of constant media gas-lighting.

A condition which implies you are in danger of being totally manipulated by those who own and direct the “Western World’s” mass media, the new “Social Media” idiocy, and any crack-brained new religion (((they))) may have waiting in the wings; to be launched with vocal support from Choirs singing hymns filled with Hosannas!

Serena Williams, Wimbledon Doubles, 2014_Telegraph
Hold down CTL key while left-clicking on pic, to visit original Telegraph article.

Sure … we can all feel sorry for ‘Serena’ … and for ‘Venus’ too. But enough is enough!

I am convinced we would “collectively” gain greater peace of mind just by putting an end to this ugly circus; it would surely be a “feather in our cap”.

You are free to copy and redistribute this blogpost’s contents in any medium or format, so long as you adhere to these Creative Commons licence terms.


  1. The ‘Williams Sisters’ started out as a family based financial scam. The arena of professional women’s tennis has been subject to an unscrupulous scam by this ruthless family for decades. Two obvious boys masquerading as girls, with far greater testosterone and strength advantages, were slipped, by sleight of handed, into the girls junior division by their scheming father, who mentored and bullied them into this long term family con. Their family motive was to use their male strength advantage to fleece the women’s division of its prize money pool. But, as their scam developed and grew in success, they were seriously aided all down the line, by all the said factions the author called out in above report.

  2. I saw the man Serena Williams up close in 2003, when I was working at Bloomingdale’s in Midtown nyc (women’s fitting room attendant). Nothing about “her” mannerisms while it waited on line to try on clothes was feminine, to me. I’ll never forget it…the body was massive, the weave – a mess, and she was rude and gassed up by having the attention in the department. I’ll never forget the energy I felt standing next to Serena …it wasn’t soft, inviting…just rough, aggressive, over exaggerated feminine speech. I can’t fully explain…except that nothing about Serena FEELS like a woman, to me. And I’m happy that many years afterwards my superstitions have been proven correct. I watched a video on YouTube about the deception. Even Joan Rivers was reportedly axed for exposing the trans Michelle Obama. This world is nuts.

  3. Typical democrat mentality. Freaks, but rich freaks, just like Michael Obama. God will not be fooled.

  4. Well I saw the video’s which I’m fairly sure were the once you were referencing; the ones that are periodically deleted from youtube… I literally saw Serena in a movie not knowing who it was and thought it was someone playing a trans. However the stomach which was most convincing to me I know doubt after comparing it with female body builders. The video said all women have the indent at the navel while men have it at the hip… but I now wonder if that’s actually true. On the fence with this one.

  5. When you see Serena in a bathing suit, you will know. When you know, you know. I am disgusted by the powers that be allowing this. It’s wrong. Pathetic. How many more are out there we’ll soon find out. They will no be “outed”. Along with all the Victoria “Secret” models.

    The above Blog Post — the original — is now (exactly) 5 years old, and IMHO most of the questions it raises have already been adequately addressed (or answered) by many different people.
    I wish to sincerely thank all who contributed … your Comments shall remain visible (below) for posterity.

  7. You.are a disturbed individual…an anti-Semitic moron with an intellect of a chicken…whether Williams sister are brothers on not…

    • LOL. The real “disturbed individual” is anyone who throws the infantile canard “anti Semitic” at those who refuse to swallow the foul-tasting “kool-ade” they keep trying to sell us, and for extortionate prices.

  8. Women in track are getting tired of being beaten by “men”, the transgenders, and are started to push back. Eventually, that will happen more in tennis. I think, in about 100 years the Williams brothers will be stripped of their titles. It is not “transphobia” or homophobia, it is fearing GOD, there is a big difference. Read Psalms 2. Meanwhile, this fad will gradually die out as it is a sin. The kingdom of God is GROWING, like the mustard seed according to the Bible. Therefore, eventually, gradually, Biblical views will be the norm and the majority.

  9. you people here are extremely sick! the level of mental retardation here is comparable to the deranged minds the killers in mass shootings.

    • “roger” … I’ve approved your comment mostly because you clearly need to get something off your chest; and to also help illustrate the upside-down and back-to-front morality, which has been permitted to thrive only because of passive neglect and the public’s exaggerated (misplaced) tolerance.

      Perhaps since the 1980s, and definitely since the late 1990s, transgenderism has certainly been aggressively advanced by the “not-so-hidden” agenda being followed by global corporations, many universities, numerous Feminist ideologues/demagogues, and our chronically feeble politicians.

      Those who actually believe transgenderism should be considered “normal” simply because ‘they’ loudly say so … are the ones who have truly earned the “you people here are extremely sick!” label! Your comment sounds more like a desperate cry from someone who really does not wish to be brought back to harsh reality … back into alignment with nature.

      Natural Law states the existence of human freaks should not be grounds for creating new and perverse, rules or laws. The motive to negatively impact the great majority has clearly been to create massive opportunities for a small minority to $$$ profit.

      Your comment also helps to illustrate the level of arrogance and immaturity typically possessed by Leftists/Liberals, who are always seeking to project their own mental retardation and deranged thinking onto society. They refuse to change (to correct or heal) themselves, preferring instead to change (pervert) the world so it may be made to conform to their personal retardations.

      95% of my readers will instantly realize, anyone who attempts to link our careful, factual, and methodical exposure of the Williams Sisters’ global $$$ fraud — aided and abetted by the ITF and WTA (founded in 1973 by Billie Jean King) — with “killers in mass shootings” is bloviating at 110 dB.

      It’s my educated guess, “roger” is a member of a cohort that inhabits an artificial and ethically contaminated world; one which most of us are now eager to both reject and depart from.

    • The author of this report is nothing but an ignorant, nincompoop; a moron with no moral compass. I suppose that he thinks that Serena’s baby is also the fragment of somebody’s imagination. He is nothing but a sicko and bent on destroying the character of someone who is obviously more talented and athletic than he is showing how jealous he is, because no black person should be able to be more famous or wealthy than he is. The thing is, I didn’t even note the name of this jackass.

      • I predicted years ago that Serena would have a baby in a highly controlled environment and that ‘she’ would have a cesarean. And that’s what happened. Uterus transplants have been successful. That’s an undeniable fact. But these people never have normal births. Because they can’t.

        Instead of saying that someone who questions whether or not Serena is a transsexual is “sick”, etc., simply admit the concept is not at all far-fetched. It’s not a stretch; not by a long shot.

    I used to have an acquaintance who was very “Female” and attractive, but with the mind of a Man, to some extent.
    I just thought it was unusual.
    Then one year, on our Ski Trip, she admitted that she used to be a Man.
    Frankly, I was shocked.

    At any rate, I was discussing this “amazing revelation” with some women, and they said they’d known it for YEARS.
    Huh??? How did you figure it out??
    They said: “It was how she SITS DOWN.”
    I didn’t ask for details. I learned something I hadn’t noticed before.
    Yes, I guess there IS a difference in the way women sit down.
    Perhaps they’re trained to be “Lady Like” in sitting down, etc, etc.
    Perhaps it’s genetic.
    Perhaps it’s both.

    The Point:
    One POSSIBLE way to detect a genetic male – without all the Female Training,
    is to watch how “She” sits down.
    It might reveal a GENETIC MALE underneath all those women’s clothes and makeup, etc.
    In some percentage of cases, it should work.
    And if “She” occasionally forgets who she’s imitating, it should work every time.


  11. If Williams ever tries to play tennis in Russia, they should demand her be birth-gender tested before she competes, and when she objects they need to arrest her for fraud and false impersonation. Detain her in prison for a few months until the MSM back home throws a fit . . then deport the crybaby back home to amerika where it’s much easier (and politically correct) to fool all the brain-dead sheeple. Then she can continue her deception until enough former “true female” pro tennis players who have lost millions to her/him over the years find enough guts (and good attorneys) to file a billion dollar lawsuit against the sherilla . . and put her and her greedy handlers out of business for good.

  12. Serena Williams is a man. Uts but hard to see. Look at her body structure which 89% resembles that of a man. She obviously did hormone therapy by private clinics to switch to a woman but everyone knows she is a fake.

  13. i feel sorry for the Williams sisters because jealous fools call them men, You people are so mean, They are women are you blind. You should all be ashamed of yourself s,,

    • I came very close to trashing your comment Luke. But I am giving you some oxygen here so others can see the extent of the social sickness that is currently infesting America and much of the Western World. What I would advise is that you start reading books on science, instead of books devoted to the false theories of “feminism” and “gender fluidity”. The latter will ruin your life if you fail to reject what those toxic theories are trying to do to you.

      For reasons you don’t yet understand, you badly WANT to believe the Williams brothers were born female. If you were forced to accept they were both born male then your entire make-believe world would instantly collapse. Why would anyone wish to share your sickness?

      The world has many, far more important things to worry about. Very soon those two Williams creatures will fade from public view. As they grow older, their true gender identity will increasingly reveal itself. Currently aged 37, Serena (without makeup) has already deteriorated into something that looks more fierce than Mike Tyson.

      • well they born man but after psychriatic recommendations the operation and hormone treatment was approved and goverment pay cost they legally become womans legit they cannot compete as mans bevause legally they are womans of cpurse no menstruation and no bays either the babys are the product of private clinics and purchased babies like obama doughters yes michelle obama another transeuxal is disgusting but is the truth whatever money they make in prixe money and sponsors is nothin compare whit the money they make everytima they loss or when they play each others is nothing but gay power no respect for family goverment religion period insolence abd theft nothing else
        luis felipe

      • Can’t wait for all the blind sheep to have the evidence of the Williams sisters trans genderism reveiled. They have duped a lot of people.

      • Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard. HE is definitely a Mike Tyson look alike.

  14. Didn’t see any actual proof in this opinion peice and simply repeating the same things over & over then qualifying it with ‘can’t make you see the truth’ doesn’t make it any more factual.
    And your love for Maria Sharapova with comments like the “always delctable” Sharapova (who is a known and proven lying cheater) even further confirms the writer’s bias. I have seen no evidence to date other than their looks(and there are a lot of handsome real women out there), that corroborate the trans or male theory…wasted hatred.

    • No, there is no PROOF offered in this Blog Post because proof can ONLY be obtained by forcing the Williams Sisters to undergo DNA and other medical tests. So you are creating a Strawman in order to make your comment sound plausible. Indeed, your comment (RBZ) amounts to little more than an emotional rant … a complaint made by a spoiled child.

      The world would rather watch Maria Sharapova play on a tennis court, than a gorilla wearing a dress, pretending to be female.

      Clearly, you (RBZ) don’t like people exposing the harsh truths behind someone you admire very greatly. Well, if you still admire “Serena” Williams after its atrocious and unsportsMANlike like behaviour during US Open’s 2018 Women’s Final then you are as blinded by moral relativism as those pathetically weak-minded TV commentators were.

      All our sympathies and respect should go to Naomi Osaka. A far better tennis player, and deserved winner of the 2018 tournament.

      “Serena” Williams has just shown the world — at least to those with the emotional maturity to see reality — that ‘it’ is a disgusting animal, lacking class and good grace. The sooner “Serena” departs women’s tennis, the sooner we can all get back to normality.

      The latest I hear is that senior Umpires have since been discussing the possibility of boycotting all future tennis matches involving “Serena” Williams. I hope they do. Creature like “Serena” need to be taught a harsh lesson.

      By officiating at Flushing Meadows, Umpire Ramos is said to have earned the paltry sum of just around $484: a standard daily fee, for overseeing the final. To see him abused like that (by a $$ millionaire) in front of tens-of-thousands in the Stadium, and millions on TV, is truly sickening.

      Unlike the corrupt, fanatically “politically correct”, and “Women’s Lib” toting WTA and USTA … the International Tennis Federation have come to Umpire Ramos’ defense, stating all his decisions were in accordance with the rules.

      • You wrote a fantastic blog post, and you’ve dealt deftly with trollish commentary…but I’ve a bit of a curve ball for you.

        So is new champ Naomi Osaka

        The Transapocalypse is upon us.

        Time to bring back the Barr Body Exam.

      • Firstly, thank you Vincenzo for your recent subscription. Please standby for my next 2019 Newsletter … as I am currently re-configuring my entire marketing strategy. I never signed up for Facebook, but I did pin a lot of my hopes on Twitter, which during 2018 demonstrated it simply could not be trusted. For any Creator, the transition from mainstream apps usage to “alternatives” is both challenging and very time-consuming.

        Secondly, don’t worry about throwing curve balls. Those tend to be the ones that get us more points on the board … although my gut instincts tell me Naomi is too sweet to be a Trans. But that’s the problem with relying on your instincts in this day and age. Without further investigation, they could prove to be flat wrong.

        Thirdly, this “Transapocalypse” issue is starting to take on grotesque dimensions. Coincidentally, just yesterday I was introduced to a video that more or less demonstrated Kim Basinger (star of the blockbuster movie, “9-1/2 Weeks”) is a Trans. Very convincing evidence. As she ages (now 65) her falsity is being revealed. This entire issue looks to be snowballing into a major phenomenon. It’s now beginning to look like a significant percentage of Hollywood’s “female” stars (from recent decades) are little more than carefully crafted (and marketed) transsexuals.

  15. why can’t they just perform a simple DNA test? ridicule her and expose her for the fake that she is and take away all her trophies and medals, focking yank cheat!

  16. This “Serena having a baby” issue is just the kind of hoax those with “lots of skin in this giant ruse” would happily plot and piece together … just to cement the hoax.

    I recently read a report — just a few days back — that described how pleased and happy Serena was feeling with her performance on Court … SO SOON AFTER A “DIFFICULT” BIRTH.

    In order to help any lie stick, a little bit of truth has to be inserted just to deflect those too timid to persist with their questioning. You will find this trick being played for the 9-11 Hoax, and also for Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building truck bomb in downtown Oklahoma City, and many others falling into this category.

    Every single time the same basic playbook has to be used because there are only two basic components in the mix: Lies and Truth [or “Make Believe” vs. “Reality”]

    So despite having a “difficult” birth (eh??) … and despite being long in the tooth … ‘she’ or “it” can still defeat top female players so soon afterwards?

    These details do not compute. Agreed? Only in a make-believe world could this garbage make any sense.

  17. All you have to do is get some body cells or sweat or a swab from ‘him’ and have it DNA tested.
    You cannot hide what is in the DNA. If he signs an autograph there is probably enough residue left on the pen that can be DNA tested.

    That would expose it once and for all.

    • super b … yes, you are of course correct. But who would now risk performing such a DNA test honestly?

      There is so much money wrapped up with the Williams ‘Sisters’ phenomenon that the person performing a DNA test proving both to be genetically male would likely be conveniently “suicided” soon after … before being professionally discredited in the public eye.

      Only Russia has the balls and the means to perform and substantiate such a controversial test.

      • A group of people could perform the DNA tests and post the results anonymously.

        Also, the people who made the original Youtube video about the Williams brothers would probably be willing to disclose the results as well. They are already so far down that road that the added risk would not matter.

        The end result would be spectacular – here it is confirmed – they are men.

        Can you imagine what would happen after that ? The world of tennis would go into meltdown.

      • super b … yes, you are of course correct. But who would now risk performing such a DNA test honestly?

        Its also illegal.

        Another transexual won a supreme court case against the WTA for banning “her” from competing unless she took a DNA test.

        “her” name is Renee Richards?ée_Richards

        “I know if I’d had surgery at the age of 22, and then at 24 went on the tour, no genetic woman in the world would have been able to come close to me.”

      • Personal risk is quite certain when so much money and power is involved…Those who would stand to lose would not hesitate to use drastic measures to keep the secret…We’ve seen plenty of that over the last 6 or so decades…Amazing how CIA, MI6, Mosadde, KGB, GRU and other black op types have learned how to make a murder look like everything but murder…Assination has become a fine art/science…Big money controls a lot including life or death for some…

  18. Can we start a facebook page to get this out? (Starting with calling for a genetically-based gender-test for Mr. S. Williams)

  19. how could we let men compete with women, in this case females never had a chance and that sucks. it is called discrimination

    • It’s happening in high school track and field as well…Though some just identify as female without all the subterfuge the Williams brothers have used…At least one episode read the male who “identified” as a female was more masculine looking than an average male of his age…The PC crowd pushed it forward even though he was clearly a he and not a she. He even had access to female locker-room…We as a society must try to stop the spread of such crap…It is leading towards the whole transhumanism agenda…Transsexuality is simply another step in that direction…

    • No, but trannies’ handlers can create baby-having PR campaigns to try to solidify the lie. Wake up you idiot.

      • Wes is absolutely wrong. Not sure if you’re wrong Bob. There are trannies that have had uterus transplants. But we’re talking BIG BUCKS … really big bucks. The kind of “bucks” the Williams siblings have. But as I stated before, they can only have a cesarean birth.

        While much of the MSM reports this is in the ‘experimental stage’, the facts are that many medical procedures are being done lonnnnng before they become known or legal. It just takes money … and lots of it.

  20. Can someone sue Serena Williams for the lie and deception of her pregnancy? Tranny women can’t get pregnant but she posted several photos like she was having a baby. Total lies to the public!

    • I’d have to see clear birth pictures like I saw with each of our three children…I had a very clear view of the process…Hard to fake but Hollywood has faked harder scenes…

    • trans and those who would like to try can get artificial wombs- case in Uk trans got pregnant and had a baby – my take is why Serena had complications because she is really a man having a baby and in the early stages of this technology people will have problems- officially in WTA any transexual can legally play – its just that is simply not fair because of the imbalance of strength men have over woman competing in sports

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