Psychotic American Females


NOTE: This 03/04/2014 blogpost updated on 10/04/2023.

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  1. American Women Prefer To Dominate
  2. Is Kali The Role Model?
  3. How Does A ‘Woman’ Head DARPA?
  4. Regina E. Dugan – Ex Director of DARPA
  5. US Foreign Policy Dominated By ‘Feminine’ Mores
  6. 23 Year Timeline Of America’s Most Toxic ‘Female’ Wrecking Balls
  7. Susan Rice ~ Radical Weirdo Extraordinaire
  8. It’s Not Just America Getting ✡ Bitch ✡ Slapped
  10. Further Reading:
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For those of us who have traveled — in the proper sense of the word — the white American female has a reputation all of her own.

Look at (or study the group body language of) any typical American family. In less than 40 seconds you will more often than not conclude it is the Wife (or “female partner”) who is metaphorically “wearing the trousers”.

You will rarely if ever see a White American male dominating his female partner with consummate ease, and masculine self-confidence; in ways exemplified by those classic James Bond movies starring Sean Connery. Or as seen earlier in most movies starring the swashbuckling Errol Flynn.

I have long argued that manhood in the Western World has been dragged down to gutter level by the unfortunate fact the USA has enjoyed more or less unopposed cultural, political, and economic dominance over all ethno-Europeans since the latter years of the Second World War.

In sharp contrast to the farcical (((Hollywood))) narrative that has somehow been allowed to pass as “history” since the early 1970s; had Germany and its allies won that conflict then with Bolshevism destroyed, international Jewish banking erased, and Russia returned to normalcy … Europe would surely have experienced a cultural, technological, and economic renaissance. The resulting expansion of self-confidence would have lifted all Europe’s peoples, which in turn would have spurred the restoration of healthy White birthrates.

It is foolish, beyond measure, to believe a nation’s womenfolk have no influence (worth measuring) upon the mental state of its menfolk.

This influence can be so widespread (and so deeply rooted) you could even expect to see it modulating the way large groupings of American males choose to conduct their foreign policies and international diplomacy. To the extent they are subconsciously driven to show a marked preference for military aggression first, only to be followed by actual diplomacy much later.

This national characteristic has got nothing to do with gun ownership, and the constitutional right for citizens to be armed at one’s private home, and even in public places. In the context of [White] American Women’s hectoring of the [White] American Male, the “right to carry” becomes a Red Herring.

Why so? Because this same characteristic was noticed back in the 19th Century by observant Europeans returning home from extended visits. “Shoot first, and ask questions” later is the natural American (USA) response to any serious challenge … and it’s probably been that way since the War of 1812.

Within the White population of the United States of America the Yin/Yang of gender roles has been perverted to such an extent you can see (under certain circumstances) a near inversion of gender roles as part of the ‘normal’ social fabric.

If correct, then such observable evidence would predict the eventual emergence of a rampant “gender dysphoria” … of the type we’ve been witnessing recently in so many North American cities (as well as in far flung ‘cultural’ centers such as London, Paris, Toronto, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Sydney). Apart from inspiring a bathhouse culture, this phenomenon — which first became visible during the 2003-10 period to the delight of harridans like Hillary Clinton — could be described as the ultimate expression of one important strand of America’s authentic identity.

Never forget the political characters who dominated the first two decades of this (post 9/11) Third Millennium. The soma-saturated American ‘people’ were quite happy to install (and even re-install) into the White House, an obvious homosexual, along with his hulky, transsexual ‘wife’: see here and here.

I have never argued that women don’t possess power. But in my book, women’s power is by its very nature reserved only for their use … and not by males. It isn’t that females “hold up half the sky”! While the “collective manhood” holds up the entire sky, women are supposed to be performing other equally valuable functions.

Therefore, if today’s women are seeking out positions and roles that are naturally suited to males, then we become obligated to question if this is happening because women subconsciously sense they are living amongst inadequates who they see struggling to reach a level of manhood that is not defined by the artificial use of excessive aggression, exaggerated violence, or any other displays of magnified testosterone.

The resulting degradation inflicted upon those outward looking institutions that only mature (non-uniformed) males can properly build and manage, has been predictably disastrous.

Only the infantile male (and ambitious women) beg for war.

American Women Prefer To Dominate

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A wisecrack once said that the ONLY reason American women are enthusiastic and well-practised givers of Fellatio, is because that is the only time they will ever agree to being submissive when relating to their male partners. Receiving good head (fellatio) gives the otherwise hen-pecked American men-folk the illusion they are in control of their own society.

US Bodybuilder - Huffington Post (02)
Clearly this psycho is a dude pretending to be a female (i.e., a ‘Tranny”). But I’m using it because it effectively sums-up a very real flaw in the ‘American’ national character.

Now I realize that philosophically, one should not readily condemn or categorize whole populations: tarring them with the same brush. But, in the American (USA) case, there really does appear to be justification for it.

Of course, nothing is black or white. Shades of grey abound. But, I am talking here about standard statistical distributions. Identifying the predominant collective characteristic. In which case, we might expect the dominant characteristic to afflict about 60 to 70 percent of any given population. When such data is displayed graphically, then we call it the chart of “Standard Deviation”.

A classical Standard Deviation plot. It represents the "mean of the mean" of a data set. It is also known by the term "bell curve".
A classical Standard Deviation plot. It represents the “mean of the mean” of a data set. It is also known by the term “bell curve”.

Is Kali The Role Model?

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A culture’s morality and social discipline is most readily measured by studying the behaviour and attitudes of all sexually active women … particularly those who are not (yet) wives and mothers.

The sheer arrogance embedded in the voice and speech patterns of American women is revealing enough. There is no other race, ethnicity, or creed that comes anywhere near them. Collectively, they appear to have an accidental correlation with the Hindu Goddess: Kali.

Kali Goddess_03

Kali is the primary Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction. I am reminded of Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein, et al.

For example, I have never been able to identify any humanity in the facial expression or demeanour of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg: long time member of the US Supreme Court. Just as with Albright (Czechoslovakia) and Feinstein (Bolshevik Russia), Ginsberg exhibits the classically foreboding (other-worldly) face of a Jewess whose roots lie in Eastern Europe or the Pontic Steppe region:

The psychic link to Kali is not without merit. Young America’s current icon, Miley Cyrus, may know little or nothing about Kali’s nature or Kali’s predilection for destruction; but you can be sure her Agent, or those who are promoting her for profit, certainly do.

Miley may still be young, brash and privately innocent … but her onstage persona is undoubtedly full of hyper-aggressive sexuality. And at her peak, the Kali tongue was adopted (for a time) as one of Miley’s brand new stage “trade marks”.

How Does A ‘Woman’ Head DARPA?

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DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) brings together a wide array of cutting edge technological companies in order to advance defense related products that in many respects exceed what was once the fayre of Star Trek or various Sci-Fi novels.

For example, DARPA is responsible for the development of immensely powerful robots (bipedal and quadrupedal) that will soon have the capacity to hunt down and kill humans autonomously (without human direction or supervision).

Facebook was a spin-off from DARPA. And in its early days Google had close links to the Agency also. According to DARPA’s own website:

DARPA was created in 1958 as the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The political and defense communities recognized the need for a high-level defense organization to formulate and execute R&D projects that would expand the frontiers of technology beyond the immediate and specific requirements of the Military Services and their laboratories […] DARPA’s (or ARPA’s) involvement in the creation of the Internet began with an idea to link time-sharing computers into a national system.

Regina E. Dugan – Ex Director of DARPA

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Born March 19, 1963 in New York City — oh no, not that damned junk place again!! — Dugan is an American businesswoman, inventor, and technology developer!

She served as the 19th Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In March 2012, she left the US Federal agency that invents better ways to surveil the masses or cleverer ways to kill, in order to take up an executive role at Google. Dang … and you thought Google was your fluffy (“do no evil”) friend, eh? 😦

In the video that follows, and despite playing the role of yet another “Useful Idiot”, listen to (the not unattractive) Ms. Dugan explain her ‘visions’ for the future. Our futures!

This video was produced by AllThingsD (“All Things Digital”) using their TV podcast channel. D11 (shown logoed on the video) was a self-hosted technology conference.

D1 thru D10 were earlier conferences by the same organization. The D11 conference was held at Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Readers should take careful note that AllThingsD is owned by Dow Jones & Company. Since 2007, the Dow Jones & Company has been majority-owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

In turn, News Corp is effectively one giant tentacle of the global, Zionist media octopus. So yet again … the trail gradually leads us right back to ‘Jews’, and their total domination of the USA.

US Foreign Policy Dominated By ‘Feminine’ Mores

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On this issue I have not yet searched for accurate/reliable statistics (if such a thing exists these days!) but on several occasions over the years I’ve seen the US State Department described by online commentators and bloggers as being a “haven for women”.  Apparently an unusually high percentage of its workforce, not to mention a great many of its public “spokespersons”, have been female.

Below is was(!) an example from the Obama era ~ which Youtube has since classified as “not available” to those who connect from the country I am in.

Back in April 2014 (and until circa 2021) I was able to link to this State Department recording showing Jen Psaki answering reporters questions on the many aggressions (then current) by Kiev against Ukraine’s ethnic-Russian enclaves of Donetsk and Lugansk.

[According to several international reports] those unprovoked 2014 aggressions included the illegal and inhumane use of phosphorous munitions by forces loyal to the Kiev/Kyiv regime.

These horrible — essentially terror — weapons had been dropped onto Slavyansk (a township in the northern part of the Donetsk Oblast, in the valley of the Kazenyi Torets River).

Note that back in 2014, Slavyansk was home to those whose lingua franca is Russian.

Starting in 2014, YouTube began to invest in building out its ability to identify and delete (or restrict) ever increasing proportions of uploaded videos that somehow challenge the current “official narrative”.

In that now purged video, Jen Psaki did not hesitate to defend and justify the grotesque use of such munitions against essentially defenseless civilians. If YouTube was not a fundamental component of “The Deep State” then you would today be able to judge her egoistic and incompetent responses. And study her expressions … devoid of the warmth and compassion men are entitled to expect from the vast majority of females of menstruating age.

One commenter writing (9 years ago) at the Voice of Russia website stated: She is the best possible symbol of American duplicity and stupidity.

As you can see above — or should be able to see thanks to this 2023 update, that unsettling 2014 video has since been ‘scrubbed’ from YouTube.

You can safely assume (((they))) can enroll any number of IT qualified Shabbos Goys employed by Google, to purposely tweak the YouTube algorithms: thereby restricting free access to any video they believe requires such treatment.

Google’s YouTube already has several different pigeon-holing techniques at their disposal … safe in the knowledge their arrogant and contemptible actions will be countered by almost zero public oversight! At least none that have any teeth.

As if this update (10-April-2023) the best I could find via bland search is this next video. The search results I scanned through on that date suggest YouTube has worked overtime to purge a huge number of Psaki videos that date back to before 2022. So that activity alone — offering clear evidence of a policy that shouts “we are consumed with paranoid narrative control” — must surely teach us something of value.

Jen Psaki presents official comment on attacks by Russian-backed separatists on Debaltseve, Ukraine during the Daily Press Briefing dated January 29, 2015.

Loquendo would also emphasize Psaki’s general lack of “life experience”. In other words, she is far too young to be representing the Foreign Office of a so-called “Super Power”. Her very appointment must surely question the competence of those who put her there.

Any entity characterized by emotionally dominant and over-ambitious females (who are often also “excessively proud” of their barren wombs) is on a fast track to self-destruction.

23 Year Timeline Of America’s Most Toxic ‘Female’ Wrecking Balls

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I hope this short compilation will help you see why those who argue women should be kept out of Senior Politics have a valid case; one that needs addressing with wisdom, honesty, and maturity.

The b*tches you see listed below were always motivated by a “me, me, me” and narcissistic mindset; never about the “greater good”: the comprehension of which lies outside the average female brain. Yes, you can always find plenty of exceptions; but exceptions must never be allowed to formulate cast-iron rules.

In other words, a society wanting to preserve civility and stability within its borders should NEVER assign natural masculine roles (in the political realm) to women of any age! Especially those females who somehow belong to, or have been strongly exposed to Cabalistic Judaism.

  • Dianne Feinstein

    First female Mayor of sh*t hole San Francisco (1978). Laid foundations for all ills (+ wokism) we now see in that Freemasonic “Big-Tech” sin-bin.

  • Jeane Duane Kirkpatrick

    First Female to serve as US Ambassador to the United Nations (1981)

  • Janet Wood Reno

    1st Female Attorney General (1993). Presided over Waco, Texas massacre.

  • Madeline Körbelová Albright

    First female Sec. of State (1997). Aggression in Bosnia; advocated sanctions against Iraq.

  • Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina

    First female (1999) to lead a Fortune Top-20 company: Hewlett-Packard’s CEO she basically wrecked H.P.

  • Nancy Patricia Pelosi

    First female Speaker; House of Representatives (2007). Notorious champion of LGBT ‘Rights’.

  • Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

    67th US Secretary of State (2009). Raised in Kosher city of Chicago. Dominated the 1995 UN Conference on Women.

  • Samantha Jane Power

    28th US Ambassador to the United Nations (2013). Key persuasive figure behind Obama’s (illegal) military intervention (2011) in Libya.

  • Janet Louise Yellen

    First female Secretary of the Treasury (2021) after being Federal Reserve Chair (2014). An obfuscating idiot.

  • Rochelle Paula Walensky

    Her rare sex appeal helps this nondescript “doctor” (appointed 2021) sell Jewish “vaccines” to the Goyim (via the CDC).

Let’s open our eyes to reality a little wider, shall we? Unlike any other patch of land anywhere else in the world, the USA has demonstrably produced no end of rancid, venomous females — whether domestic psychos or foreign policy war-mongers with vaginas — who have indirectly murdered hundreds of thousands of American citizens, and millions of people around the world, by simply peddling lies, ignorance, and Talmudic dogmas … all uttered in dulcet tones from their filthy mouths.

Let’s face it folks! Trust your instincts … please! They should be far sharper than any trash opinions (or implied threats) coming out of ADL-supervised, Joo Yawk Shitty. They have (de facto) already declared war on us. So what should your most appropriate response now be?

Susan Rice ~ Radical Weirdo Extraordinaire

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Once they’ve surpassed a certain threshold of analytical effort, most people start to see the obvious more readily. Or perhaps it’s simply them finally mastering the art of focusing properly on “the bleedin’ obvious” that’s long been glued to the ends of their own noses?

Truly, when viewed as a cross-generational group, it’s as if these (metaphorical and figurative) radicalized c*nts have been raised to believe they actually do have a ‘God’-given right to act like latter day Jezebels.

There are hundreds of nasty historical examples we could rake through. Hindsight suggests this genre accelerated their rise to omnipresence during the decade that followed JFK’s ritual (cabalistic) murder in Dallas.

But as a primary example of great contemporary importance, consider this toxic Washington DC born Rhodes Scholar; daughter of Jamaican parents, and proud owner of slave ancestors … Susan Rice:

It’s Not Just America Getting ✡ Bitch ✡ Slapped

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According to the ABC News (Australia) spiel; after becoming Australia’s first female prime minister following a mid-term change of leadership, Julia Gillard was then constantly undermined from within … by horrible misogynists!!

How dare they do that!

Once you’ve recovered from watching that fat-arsed, fully-koshered, pompous, Australian fool named “Julia Gillard” you might like to leave a comment, just to let others know your thoughts on this artificially contrived (yet still unresolved) gender ‘war’.

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  1. SPECIAL NOTE: the zengardner website was closed down during 2016

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  1. Wow a very heartfelt ant true article, I share my frustration there are good women but they are so brain washed too, but mostly it’s the void the men chicken out of everything as much as possible and wemon don’t even think about well anything brain washed distracted to the superficial uninformed misinformed an engineered sickness that can’t work I don’t know how our country keeps going at all. Even the best of them are just not asking questions. Thank you thank you good good writing.

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