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  1. America’s First “Dark Horse” President
  2. Joe (the Plumber) and Bill (the Weatherman)
  3. And There’s This China Connection!
  4. Obama’s Biden Is Dead Biden’s Doppelgänger
  5. Further Reading
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Many have long argued the US political system has been dysfunctional since the Great Depression ( i.e., marked by the election of that charlatan and gold thief — April 5, 2023 marked the 90th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 6102 — named Franklin Delano Roosevelt ).

While others insist the US Presidency first became problematic with the hasty appointment of Ulysses S. Grant … initially a senior Union military officer during the American Civil War who then later became the 18th president of the United States (1869 to 1877).

But what happens when a Fluoride-supping, porn-binging electorate chooses someone armed with a well hidden past? A past that includes a bogus university education at Columbia, a chick-with-a-dick wife, and a fully paid-up membership of Chicago’s most notorious male-only bathhouse?

We get side-tracked by “Joe the Plumber”.

America’s First “Dark Horse” President

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Why so? Well … be cognizant of the fact it was President U.S. Grant who first appointed African Americans and Jewish Americans to prominent federal offices.

And in the Wild West, his policy towards Native Americans was characterized by his doomed attempts to assimilate [Red] Indians into White culture. Yet paradoxically, the Great Sioux War complete with “Custer’s Last Stand” was fought (1876) during his second term in office.

Grant’s remains are entombed (along with his Wife’s) in North America’s largest mausoleum, which is prominently situated in Manhattan’s Riverside Park. This means Ulysses S. Grant is the only former POTUS whose remains are interned/’buried’ within the CITY limits of New York City.

Have you already identified the most probable reasons for the choice of Manhattan? The correct answer lies in the paragraphs just read. Hint: a special reward for the decisive deeds of a “Shabbas goy” that future generations are meant to see.

As the old adage is forever keen to remind us … context is everything.

Note that in addition to Grant, five other deceased Presidents are buried elsewhere in the STATE of New York (including FDR) but well outside, or some significant distance away from the actual boundaries of New York City. But let’s face it; nowhere is more “New York” than the granite island of Manhattan.

Ulysses S. Grant (former US President) shown dressed in senior officer's military uniform ~ Library of Congress archive.
Yet another silly Fweemason? Doo yah tink?

In the USA’s war-torn and financially tumultuous history there exists plenty of precedent for the installation of incompetents to the White House. But for a deviant to have made his/her way into the Oval Room is quite ‘exceptional’ … or something else entirely!

Joe (the Plumber) and Bill (the Weatherman)

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During Obama’s first presidential campaign, he promised “Joe the Plumber” that he would seek to “spread the wealth”. Sounds great, yeah?

But of course, what he actually meant was that one of his core economic plans was to spread America’s humongous $$-wealth everywhere in the world … except the continental USA, and America’s citizenry.

Meanwhile, innocents like Samuel Wurzelbacher had recently bought a new business and wanted to know how Obama’s tax increase for filers above the $250,000 threshold would affect his business.

In response Obama, as he often did in stump speeches, explained his plan sought to help out many other “Joe the Plumbers” who were struggling to attain the American dream as Wurzelbacher had …

“It’s not that I want to punish your success; I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance at success too.”

Barack Obama, 2008 (while visiting the working-class neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio)

Obama’s past association with Bill Ayers (formerly a prominent Weatherman, alongside another radical named Bernardine Dohrn) also spilled into the public domain during this same election campaign. Their alleged friendship was quickly exploited by the Republican presidential candidate Senator McCain. This revelation, added to Samuel ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher’s valid tax concerns, mixed with an inevitable media frenzy, quickly led to “Joe the Plumber” becoming a key feature in support of John McCain’s Election Campaign.

Whatever happened to Joe the Plumber?

NOTE: The Weathermen had risen “from the ashes” of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which self-destructed at its 1969 convention in a power struggle between the Progressive Labor Coalition — whose adherents were older, socialist, and devoid of violent intent — and the Radical Youth Movement, who were younger, Communist-oriented revolutionaries who saw armed struggle as the only viable political option.

The term ‘Weathermen’ derives from the title of the RYM’s manifesto; distributed at that 1969 conference. A title that was in-turn inspired by a well-known Bob Dylan lyric: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” 

This new and highly radicalized group was small so the task of gaining public attention (without turning to violence) looked daunting if not formidable. Overwhelmed by their righteous ideology a bombing campaign was purposefully unleashed upon property and government institutions in and around the city of Chicago. No members of the public nor government employees were killed, but the resulting damage to property alienated the RYM from both the MSM and public at large. Bill Ayers had definitely been part of the inner group engaged in planting those explosive devices. But by 2008 Ayers was (paradoxically) a well-established professor at the University of Illinois. And rather inconveniently, his home was just a few blocks from the Obamas’ own residence in Chicago.

Broadly Speaking :: Zero Boundaries

It then came to light that Ayers had contributed to Obama’s reelection campaign for the Illinois Senate, and had also served on an “antipoverty board” alongside Obama during the period 1999 to 2002. In addition, the suspicion that Obama was actually a bonafide Muslim instead of a practicing Christian (as repeatedly claimed by CNN, et al) continued to grow.

In the hope of parrying these effective attacks on the Democrat’s own presidential candidate’s authenticity, the Obama campaign team took the unprecedented step of establishing a Web site — “Fight the Smears” — to “fight back against ‘hateful,’ ‘vicious,’ and ‘desperate’ robocalls and mailers.”

The Obama Campaign was also aided by his team’s decision to opt out of the federal financing system. Not opting out would have limited his campaign to $84 million in spending. This decision contradicted a 2007 questionnaire filled by Obama, in which he pledged to stay within the public financing system.

Look at the rapturous faces in the adoring crowd!

History shows the Obama Campaign’s decision paid off, as it attracted more than three million donors and raised an astounding $150 million in the month of September alone, enabling the campaign to outspend the McCain campaign by significant margins in the “battleground states” and to purchase 30 minutes of prime-time television six days prior to the election (more than 33 million Americans watched the Obama infomercial).

Spoofed version of that original Infomercial … for your delectation.

But just as with the now obviously prominent roles performed by many Jews (Israelis) prior to, during, and following the WTC 9/11 False Flag Operation … we also discover Twink Obama the “crypto-Muslim / anal-queen bandit” performing the role of a gift that never stops giving (enriching) all genuine conspiracy investigators.

In which case, we must never forget the invaluable role played by Larry Sinclair … the enthusiastic giver of fellatio to bum-boy Barry.

Testimony [infamously] offered by Barry’s occasional lover, Larry Sinclair

Obama is repeatedly (and falsely) described as an “African-American”. This is just one of hundreds of mind-warps that collectively comprise the endless “streamed-video” that modulates how the ordinary “Joe-Public” and “Pubic-Karens” see this well-trained, and highly devious actor.

In fact he has an Indonesian Sister. Ergo, he was fathered by an Indonesian. Something that all “conspiracy sleuths” have known since 2009. Which explains his Islamic identity and his lack of ID papers. Here she is, speaking perfect American-English in this next video. Watch Obama’s body-language as they ’embrace’ on-stage.

And There’s This China Connection!

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The astonishing, methodically executed reach of China’s Communist Party through every orifice of the Zohar and Talmud-corrupted Western World is only now being belatedly comprehended (during Q1/Q2 2023).

Reports of Biden’s son (Hunter) receiving financial rewards from Beijing are easy to find online. So there’s plenty enough dots to firmly connect. This article by the New York Post (January 27, 2022) is just one of hundreds.

Obama’s [alleged] links to the Communist Party of China (CPC)

For how much longer is the world going to tolerate Barack Obama’s “prominent prancing” while wearing his Teflon coat?

Obama’s Biden Is Dead Biden’s Doppelgänger

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Oh, and there’s a vital jigsaw puzzle-piece you’d do well to pick up and examine very closely.

Once examined, you will likely notice it looks remarkably similar to these three EYE-OPENERS …

Whoever this P.O.S. actually is, he’s clearly being guided (or instructed) to utter some of the most outrageously provocative statements ever heard from a so-called “national leader”.

In an official speech to black college graduates at Howard University’s commencement in Washington DC, May 13, 2023, this Biden-impostor actually said the following:

White supremacy… is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland.

I’m not just saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say this wherever I go,

Fearless progress toward justice often means ferocious push-back from the oldest and most sinister of forces.

Further Reading

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^ Table of Contents

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