Who Is Stupid? The Voted … Or The Voters?

Who Is Stupid? The Voted ... or the Voters?

2016 Comment: Hopefully, NO ONE will act on the advice contained in this Blog Post until AFTER November 2016!

This time around, in the “Year of Brexit”, voters really must get to their Polling Booths (through hell or high water) and register a valid (double-checked) vote in favour of Donald Trump.

But once this Presidential Election Cycle is over, we will still need to get down to basics in order to find an intelligent way out of our collective Sheep Pens. And this advice applies not only to the USA (the American people), but to the entire Western World (all Westerners).


The existent, so called “Leader of the Free World” (Barak Obama) is an uncultured buffoon and a charlatan. He also happens to be using a false Social Security number issued to someone who died several decades ago.

That demonstrates:

  • The corrupting power of Television;
  • The deceptions and deceit that are integral to all mainstream news networks: BBC, CNN, ABC, CBC, etc., etc;
  • The corrupting power of the mainstream print media: New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, London Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, the Guardian, etc., etc;
  • That most voters are living in La-la Land;
  • That the majority of adult voters (at least 60 percent) are politically illiterate and functionally infantile;
  • That so-called ‘democracy’ is a sham.

If you agree with most of the above, then you MUST stop participating (as a voter) in the current system: where a clear minority (say 45 percent) of those who actually turn out to vote (usually less than 70 percent) get to choose a government or President who then legally presides over everyone.

So after doing the math(s), it would appear that most governments or Presidents in recent times have been ‘chosen’ by less than 35 percent of the population. But if 20 percent of most adults are dependably certified idiots … then we do have a problem!

Just by participating in any national election, you are unwittingly entering into a legal contract with “The State” via a legal mechanism called … Statute.


This means that even if you passionately oppose the policies of the winning party or candidate, your participation nevertheless can be (and is being!) legally construed as signaling you have given consent to the future actions and policies of whomever is deemed to have won the voting (beauty) contest … whatever those may turn out to be.

In other words, the only effective way to demonstrate your dissatisfaction with your government’s policies is to boycott the voting booth.

We are thus left with the following paradox: that to register an effective vote that really counts (i.e., has real teeth) … we must actually abstain from voting.

Those fortunate enough to still be using paper ballots (not electronic voting) can simply write: “None Of The Above”.

Law will interpret your actions as follows. If you engage with and use (as instructed) the voting system constructed by your controllers, then by default you are consenting to being controlled via their proxies: the candidates you vote for.




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