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  1. Loq-Lax Summary:
    1. The Millennium Report’s List of Motives
  2. Reposting A Review Of:
    1. Editorial Review (Sample):
    2. Random Amazon (Verified Purchase) Review:
  3. The “Flu” Is An Electrical Disease
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Loq-Lax Summary:

  • World economy being wrecked by a hoax [and WHO incompetence]
  • Quarantines are fraudulent — will create unforeseen problems
  • Vaccines CAN’T cure an electrical disease
  • Bill Gates needs to be arrested, and his Foundation shut-down

The Millennium Report’s List of Motives

The Millennium Report™ has recently published a short list [view page] of highly plausible motives for some secretive Cabal wanting to push a globalized pandemic lockdown. I have taken the liberty here of paraphrasing and expanding that list below.

The ‘virus’ dubbed SARS-CoV-2 may be real; manipulated into existence in Wuhan’s BSL4 research Laboratory. But the associated COVID19 “illness” now appears to have been opportunistically contrived using bad, manipulated, or bogus data … before being eagerly energized with hysteria by fully-compliant mass media corporations operating around-the-clock.

Those organizing this PsyOp on the world’s populace (from the shadows) are likely driving towards the fulfilment of most if not all the following objectives:

  1. Expedite the military deployment of 5G;
  2. Accelerate the “Internet of Things (IoT) build-out;
  3. Establish a mandatory vaccination regime requiring the possession of immunity certificates;
  4. Universal establishment of various other draconian healthcare mandates;
  5. To deploy those (new) draconian healthcare mandates in ways designed to restrict your ability to engage in both domestic and international travel;
  6. To deploy those (new) draconian healthcare mandates in ways designed to restrict your ability to enter buildings … including apartment blocks;
  7. Accelerate the adoption of a cashless society — a fully digitalized economy — complete with the mass “Big Brother” monitoring of all “private” transactions;
  8. Encouraging those living in ostensibly “democratic” societies to snitch on their neigbours and relatives just as the Communist KGB and Stasi once did;
  9. Force the mass adoption of other authoritarian policies — as opportunistically identified by “the Secret Cabal” or their Agents — whenever such are deemed useful to the Cabal’s ultimate objectives.

Reposting A Review Of:

The Invisible Rainbow ~ A History of Electricity and Life
by Arthur Firstenberg, [ Originally Pub’d 2017 — reprinted March 9, 2020 ]
Chelsea Green Publishing | White River Junction, Vermont

^ Table of Contents

Editorial Review (Sample):

“Few individuals today are able to grasp the entirety of a scientific subject and present it in a highly engaging manner, in plain English, without losing any of the details. In The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg has done just that with one of the most pressing but neglected problems of our technological age. This book, which as a medical doctor I found hard to put down, explores the relationship between electricity and life from beginning to end: from the early eighteenth century to today, and from the point of view of the physician, the physicist, and the average person in the street. Firstenberg makes a compelling case that the major diseases of civilization―heart disease, diabetes, and cancer―are in large part related to the pollution of our world by electricity.”

―Bradley Johnson, MD, Amen Clinic, San Francisco

Random Amazon (Verified Purchase) Review:

^ Table of Contents

This book is incredible, and I cannot stop recommending it. I have a saying, “The universe rewards the curious”, and I believe that this book arrived just in time to appease my curiosity on the link between 5g and the coronavirus.

It is hard for many people to imagine that frequencies can negatively affect the human body, especially at a non-thermal level, but over 10,000 studies have shown they “do”.

The book points out that historically, flu outbreaks would occur every 50 years in correlation with peaks in solar magnetic activity. After electricity became mainstream in the late 1880’s, outbreaks started to occur annually and have done so since.

Even astronauts can’t get a break, as 50-60% come down with herpes due to background cosmic radiation, which measures at 160ghz which is below thermal levels. Is coronavirus dormant in us, as herpes is by the time we are 20, and some how activated by 5g?

This book will open your eyes to the fact that we, and all of life around us, ARE affected by frequency, and if we don’t clean up our environment of all this electrosmog, we are in big trouble.

The “Flu” Is An Electrical Disease

^ Table of Contents

The trigger, Firstenberg writes, is connected to seasonal variations in solar radiation, as so many have suggested over the previous two centuries.

Long ago reports have shown that flu epidemics tend to occur during years of maximum solar activity, and that cases can rise and fall with the number of sunspots.

This graphic is not part of the original (reposted) article — added to the repost by Loquendo Laxe

Famous thinkers who have connected flu with sunspots range from Noah Webster to Fred Hoyle.

In 1836 Heinrich Schweich observed that it was a common belief that accumulation of electricity within the body caused influenza. Firstenberg reports that Schweich’s contention has never been disproved.

The period of 1645 to 1715 is known as the Maunder Minimum, where no sunspots nor auroras were seen. There were also no worldwide pandemics.

It wasn’t until 1727 that sunspots numbered more than 100 for the first time in more than a century. In 1728 influenza arrived in waves over the surface of the Earth and lasted by some accounts until 1738. Some 2 million died, Firstenberg wrote.

A litany of quotes from the past two centuries all testify to connection between worldwide influenza outbreaks and the solar cycle.

THIS ARTICLE IS AN ABRIDGED REPOST | c/w some additions | TO READ THE ORIGINAL (in full) CLICK >>> Flu is not contagious


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