National Socialism Delivered What The Fraud Of Communism Only Promised


If This Flag Offends You - Then You Need A History Lesson

Communism was the Jewish lie of socialism. National Socialism delivered what communism promised, but what Jews never had any intention of delivering to the Russian people.

For Jews, communist socialism was all about pretty words to dupe the gullible goyim into turning their state over to the Jewish Bolshevist’s terror machine so they could rape and murder Russia with impunity.

By contrast, instead of pretty promises, [Herr] Hitler’s Socialist Germany delivered a productive, working state government that made Germany a far better and more viable place than it had ever been under the tutelage of Weimar Jews.

Unbelievably, Jews have now stood history on its head, assigning the success of National Socialist Germany to the communist Jew state while defaming Germany with virtually every ill and “evil” of which the Soviet Union was truly guilty. Simply take virtually everything said about “Nadzee” Germany and apply it to the Jew’s Soviet state and one has a far more accurate picture of what the Soviet Union was like under Jewish control.

Likewise apply all the “glorious” improvements attributed to the Soviet state and you will find what Hitler actually did for Germany with his socialist state. National Socialist Germany was as close to the true ideal of socialism ever likely to be witnessed on this planet.

That said, I favor a form of anarchy of the type implemented by the Spanish anarchist in the 1930s, as the best form of self-government. The reason for my choice is simply that the power base of such a system is dispersed so widely and spread so thinly, it is virtually impossible to financially influence and manipulate the process, i.e the leadership cannot be bought off.

The founding fathers had a similar idea by breaking up government into small compartments, then referred to as “colonies”, and saddling the overriding governmental structure with what was then considered oppositional “checks and balances”.

Today we have witnessed the fallacies of their design. The way out of the Jew’s manipulative trap is to design a system of social control they cannot access because it does not exist.

The Jews are always moving towards greater and greater centralization. This is because the greater the centralization the easier it is for an increasingly smaller group of elite to control the process. Therefore, the answer is to remove any possibility of centralization, which is exactly what anarchy does.

National Socialism places the FAMILY at the centre of all policy.
National Socialism places the FAMILY at the centre of all policy.

The only other form of control having profound influence over the self-governing process is the media. Therefore, control of the media must be completely removed from private hands and controlled by a collective process.

I maintain that had Hitler won the war, it would have only been a matter of time before Jews wormed in a dictatorial candidate of their choosing into high office. It would not have taken long before Germany would have resembled the Soviet Union. Under the highly centralized administration of the National Socialist, this takeover would not have been a question of if, but when.

This centralized control process is now being increased from the technical standpoint with robotics and artificial intelligence. Imagine what Jews will do when the human element is removed and the Rothschild elites have direct control over the weaponry.


Watch the war scenes of the original Terminator movie for an idea of what Jews are aiming for in terms of social control. Open video in new tab.

Another example of the Cabalist Jew’s far-reaching ambitions can be seen in video games like “Fallout”. Open video in new tab.

Make no mistake, these so-called ‘Jews’ are telegraphing their criminal intent through their myriad and far-reaching media resources.

Steeped in their flatulent arrogance, they are basically fog-horning:–

We are unstoppable and this is where we are taking your world.

Sun-Wheel (Swastika) Displayed in the UK

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