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Every infection needs a vector. In mathematics, a vector is a quantity having both magnitude and direction. In biology, a vector refers to the species of insect, animal, etc., that actually carries and delivers the germs or virus that cause infection, and any subsequent disease.

As gently as I can, I attempt to point out to various members of my Volk that Christianity (especially its “Protestant” flavour: this term first appeared at the Diet of Speyer in 1529) has acted as an efficient vector for the ingress of Talmudic-Judaism.

Protestantism + Freemasonry + Communism, have together offered an almost unfettered and ‘cloaked’ passage into all native Germanic / Nordic / Slavic territories since the so-called Enlightenment. As a clearly defined racial entity, me thinks we ethno-Europeans need to work much harder (in a coordinated way) at mitigating this.

The Question

In early October 2015, I was asked this question by online commenter “TabuLa Raza”: How many civilizations were penetrated [by jews] long before Christianity?

I think TabuLa was trying to come to the defense of Christianity. That is his prerogative. Among the Germanic / Nordic / Slavic peoples there will always be those who prefer defend the status quo. A return to rational independence, and a return to our true and authentic spiritual roots, is simply too much to contemplate for many of us. I accept this because this would qualify as a normal human response to the threat of dramatic change. Revolutions are always immensely difficult to control and complete.

But wouldn’t it be nice to live in a society, and under a wider culture, that offers all its bona fide members something that is wholesome, and just, and truly our own.

This Is (Was) My Response

October 3, 2015 – 2:55 am | Permalink

Tabula … I could easily spend a few hours trying to answer your question thoroughly. But I don’t have that kind of time to spare, so you’ll have to be content with my condensed response.

“Judaism” did not exist prior to the Renaissance. It is a made-up word resulting from the difficulty of translating (the Bible) from the Hebrew original into Koine Greek, and then into Latin.

So we need to call it something else, such as Phariseeism, or Talmudism, or unadulterated mass insanity.

The Talmud — it is actually written in Tannaitic Hebrew and Aramaic — remained a complete mystery (a secret to all true Europeans, except Martin Luther) until the late 19th century.

Lazarus Goldschmidt did publish a translated edition from the “uncensored text” of the Babylonian Talmud … with a German translation comprising 9 volumes. Goldschmidt commenced this effort in Leipzig, 1897–1909, but did not complete until 1936 after emigrating to England (i.e., running away from NSDAP justice) in 1933. It is almost certain, his escape to England was financed by the English (London + Home Counties) financial elite who were already looking to agitate for war throughout the following 6 years.

The Steinsaltz Talmud was the edition used to provide a translation into English, which was published in 1989. I am having difficulty finding confirmation for the publication date of the very first English translation.

I was under the impression (from memory) that the first English translation appeared sometime between 1890 and 1910. But I may be wrong. If anyone can confirm or correct me, then please do so.

Whatever the case, my point is, few of our forefathers knew what the hell was penetrating their culture and civilization! It is only since the glorious rise of Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP organization that Europeans have begun to look critically and energetically at this highly peculiar, and contagious sect that describes its members as “God’s Chosen People”.

Prior to the time we are told Jesus Christ existed, there were (of course) no Talmuds in existence. There was just the “Priestly Class” and the “Oral Tradition”.

Nevertheless, I would say the first successful penetration was the Roman Civilization. King Herod himself was no stranger to the City of Rome. And it is through generous Roman auspices that the followers of the Oral Tradition established homes and businesses in Italy, Spain, and elsewhere within the Empire’s orbit, including what we today know as Morocco. The first to arrive in the Rhineland region were slave dealers; possibly no more than five or six persons.

No significant “penetrations” took place until after the Emancipation of the Jews, that commenced during the late 17th Century, and continued through until the early 18th. It was during this ill-conceived process that some European Jews turned to Socialism, while others cooked up Jewish nationalism: Zionism.

It is important to understand that Jews exist in Poland, not because they “penetrated” the country per se, but rather because an idiot Pole – Prince Boleslaus the Pious – issued the “Statute of Kalisz” in 1264. This Statute constitutes the General Charter of Jewish Liberties in Poland.

The Statute of Kalisz is an unprecedented document in Europe’s medieval history that handed personal freedom, legal autonomy and separate tribunal for criminal matters, to ‘Jews’. This saw the beginning of the very ugly Warsaw Ghetto. A filthy concentration of genetic dead-ends that represents some of the remnants of Genghis Khan’s attempts to conquer Western Europe.

Peter Stuyvesant kicked the ‘Jews’ right out of New York. Which is why today, America has Rhode Island. It was of course the perfidious English who allowed them back in following the culmination of the Anglo-Dutch wars.

Today, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is penetrated by “the Jude” because its ordinary ethno-Euro citizens are too hedonistic, and too atomized. The German-Americans don’t pow-wow with the Irish-Americans, who don’t pow-wow with the Italian-Americans, who don’t want to pow-wow with the Brit-Americans. In other words, you don’t have any CIVIC IDENTITY. I would go so far as to say, this lack of any Civic Identity is why infantile online systems like Facebook had fertile ground on which to take off.

Because of this vacuum, organizations such as the Occidental Observer are therefore far more valuable (even essential) to ordinary ethno-European Americans than to an Englishman, Swede, German, Italian, or South African (Boer).

Too many good Americans are trapped by their own intellectual sloth and emotional vices: Messianic Christianity, Protestant Christianity generally, Freemasonry, Adolf-Hitler Bashing, the “Land-of-Opportunity” myth, online pornography, etc. All these are ‘Jewish’ inventions or have deep roots in ‘Jewish’ myths and/or the Kabbalah.

Admittedly, the Kabbalah is not authentically ‘Jewish’, but it is they who have claimed ownership and thus promote it the most.

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New Ending

If you really want to study a case of ‘Jewish’ penetration, then surely the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA offers the easiest and most evidenced-based case you could hope to find.

Please understand that saving the “white race” is not the same as “saving America”. And “Making America Great Again” is not the equivalent of “Restoring Normal Vitality To The White Race”. These two noble projects will have to be carried out asynchronously.

What I believe the entire planet sorely needs is a Phoenix type death of America … followed by a Phoenix type re-birth into something quite different from that we have had to endure since its insidious corporate take-over, via the infamous Act of 1871.

Those radical changes the American people now hanker for are well beyond any ‘normal’ political processes’ ability (involving votes and reasoned debate) to deliver. Therefore, we should not fear or resent the many dramas that will be needed before any positive and beneficial changes can take root. Fittingly perhaps for such a ‘feminized’ nation … painful periods do lie ahead.

ISIS. Mossad, and Rothschilds (Q70)
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