Voting Is An Act Of Violence

Voting — your participation in political elections for the creation of centralized governments — is the most violent act any adult can commit in their lifetime.

This little noted anomaly about voting is directly related to the modern conception of The State as an entity deriving its grant of authority to act (freely) from the prior consent of the governed.

The aura of legitimacy surrounding the government’s — not your government’s — actions is enhanced by the perceived role of voting as an expression of the “people’s will.”

Whether non-threatening or violent, the authority for each and every one of the government’s actions is presumed to flow from the consent of the people through the electoral process. School children are told this from their earliest years.

Loquendo Footnote:

The creator of this video has spent far too much effort focusing on the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. In truth, both the United States of America and the United Kingdom have, historically, expended more energy in violence against other states and other peoples (often those least well armed or prepared) than that expended by all the other nations on this planet … combined.

Those who have actually bothered to study the history of the 1930s and early 1940s for themselves will already know that the Second World War was provoked by the belligerence and cunning of Washington (the USA) and London (the UK) … and NOT by history’s primary scapegoat: Berlin (the Third Reich).

Read these excellent books to understand why:

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