Khazar-Talmudists Are A Mafia

What the Khazar-Zionists did to Germany during the 1930’s … they have also been doing (at a much slower pace) to America and much of the Western World. This surreptitious activity began to accelerate (or broaden in scope) during the 3 or 4 years that immediately followed Israel’s violent possession of Jerusalem. An extremely symbolic event that immediately exalted their rapid victory in the infamous 6-Day War of June 1967.

Oh, and before I forget …

Please go into your kitchen and take out all the processed food items you have recently purchased. Look carefully at the packaging labels for each item. Search carefully for a small symbol denoted by a letter within a circle. Most commonly a U inside a circle.

Kosher Code on Cinnamon

Apologies for the poor focus — the U in a circle is barely legible — but this quick pic demonstrates the problem. Better you see with your own eyes when shopping than just taking evidence from a photograph. But the above still manages to illustrate what you should be on the look out for.

This kind of labelling helps to reveal the financial scams that Judaism was created to mask. That is all Judaism is … a 2,000 year old hoax to enable a crooked minority to get rich in a barren landscape (at other’s expense).

The terms Kosher (Judaism) and Halaal (Islam) are of course closely related. They each regulate the manner in which animals are slaughtered for human consumption.

Therefore, how does a spice called Cinnamon get included?

Or how about aluminium kitchen foil? This is another “koshered” item in some markets, especially the USA! Nobody that I have ever known ingests his aluminium sandwich wrapping!

So we really have to conclude that the labelling of non-livestock or non-edible grocery items simply emphasises the fundamentally criminal nature of this activity.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means that while shopping at the grocery store or supermarket, you or your wife/companion has been regularly tricked into buying ‘Kosher’ (Jew approved) products; where the manufacturer pays “protection money” to various Rabbinical organizations managing the scam.

And what else does this mean?

It means you have been deducted what is commonly called a “Kosher Tax”. It is worth $-billions (£-billions) to various Jewish organizations operating throughout the world … especially in America.

So be happy. While buying food products to feed you and your family, you were being scammed. Your average shopping bill is higher than it needs to be, because you are unwittingly subsidizing those who follow sick creeds set out in the Cabala/Kabbalah (the Zohar) … and the Talmud. |  Go Here  |  Go Here  |


Instead of me explaining more (lecturing you) … why don’t you do some online research of your own? Then you can satisfy yourself that the Kosher Tax is a criminal scam, and should be closed down.

And please do not use GOOGLE while doing so, as Google is yet another ‘Jewish’ owned online company, as is Yahoo. Try using Startpage as your search engine in future.

This type of fleecing is exactly what organized crime syndicates do. For that is truly what Judaism is … ORGANIZED CRIME.

Those of you who still insist “Judaism” is a religion are not only being simple-minded, you are being socially irresponsible and are thus harming those who share your culture.

Jettison all things ‘Jewish’ … including the so-called ‘Bible’ and Christianity. In other words, the entire 2,000 year old fraud.  The time to act is now.





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