Gold vs. Dollar (FRNs) … In Battle To The Death

In this slightly dated (early 2014) but still very relevant interview, Greg Hunter (USA Watchdog dot com) interviews Dr. Paul Craig Roberts … an economics advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

Loquendo suggests the fundamentals must be more widely understood before we can identify all the necessary solutions … and the strength with which we must then apply them.

Some of those closely connected with the US Federal Reserve (originally set up by a private cabal of mostly Euro-Jewish entities) need to be indicted on RICO charges, plus other felonies (including high treason). The most egregious offenders (past & present) should be facing the death penalty.

Deutsch Staatsangehörigen sollte besonderes Augenmerk auf diesem Video zu zahlen. Es hilft zu erklären, warum Gold von Deutschland gehört, sondern auf die Federal Reserve Bank of New York für “sicher” halten angegeben wird, wird nicht nach Berlin für viele weitere Jahre zurückgegeben werden. Es ist bereits “verkauft” worden, andere als Teil eines riesigen Betrug!

“The Federal Reserve’s policies are irresponsible and reckless. They put four or five banks ahead of the entire American population. They are going to save them [while driving] the rest of the American population [and much of Europe] into the ground.” ~ Paul Craig Roberts.

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