2 new smoking guns: Psychiatry is a complete fraud

Psychiatry has long been suspected of being fraudulent. Whilst there are many elements to its widespread, post-WWII application throughout all Western societies, we also need to remember its true roots. They lie (yet again) in the poisoned soil of Central and East European Jewry (e.g., Sigmund Freud and his family). Notably, psychiatry would later become integral to the totalitarian policing of the Judaeo-Bolshevik USSR. Anyone (particularly intellectuals) opposed to the Soviet (i.e., Khazar-Jewish) State was an automatic candidate for psychological diagnosis. Subsequent incarceration in an asylum was routine. Since 2001 and the rapid establishment of the US Department of Homeland Security, we have seen very similar policies and political motivations emerge from within the Continental USA. So, readers are advised to take this topic very seriously, and to read Jon Rappoport’s article assiduously.
~ Loquendo.

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