“Social Media” Being Used Against You

Social Media Being Used Against You

In “Russia Today”, Tony Gosling writes:

​For centuries the most powerful intelligence gathering service on the planet was the Catholic rite of ‘confession’, where millions of people told vital info to the Pope on guilty acts which could then be used to blackmail them and their co-sinners.

As internet users we need cast iron assurance that our data really is private, but we have never had it.

We are not just required to have a password anymore. We hand over the keys to our lives: from our private mobile phone number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name (to help construct our family tree) as well as our primary and secondary schools (for those forgotten pupil records).

Collection of our mothers’ maiden names etc. is done in the name of making our online accounts ‘secure’, yet using a Yahoo! ‘verification code’ sent by SMS to my mobile phone recently I was presented with a screen telling me someone was trying to hack my identity with a fake code and that I would therefore be locked out of my account. So what are we getting for giving up this personal information? Nothing? Or worse than nothing?

Internal view of Google Server Farm, in Iowa, USA
Google Server ‘Farm’ – Iowa, USA.

The ‘soft power’ cyber war that’s quietly being waged by NATO intelligence services against their own people may be ‘non-lethal’ for now, but it is destroying democracy and the rule of law. It’s funnelling criminals into positions of public trust and as such stoking up despotism and quite possibly a civil war to boot.

In 1996, the man that predicted Bin Laden would be blamed for a massive attack on America, former US Naval Intelligence officer and Texas radio host William Cooper, shared with us what he believed was a true but ghastly vision of a technocratic elite future, every bit as horrifying as George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Speaking of a secret NATO power elite creed he declared:

Their goal is to destroy all existing religions, save theirs, all existing governments, save theirs and shackle the mob in a system of eternal oppressive debt chained to a computer for the rest of their life. In a propagandized world to make them believe that they are happy in this system.

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