IMF / EU / Rothschild Capture of Western Ukraine

IMF / EU / Rothschild Capture of Western Ukraine

In a detailed essay, Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research explains the standard game plan the (19th Street, Washington DC headquartered) International Monetary Fund always uses to impoverish, and thus profit from, the unsuspecting populations of any target country … by systematically stealing (looting) their national assets (e.g., utility-companies, ports, airlines, etc.) and resources (e.g., farms, mines, oil-fields, etc.):

While the privatization program ensures the transfer of State assets into the hands of foreign investors, the IMF program also includes provisions geared towards the destabilization of the country’s privately owned business conglomerates. A concurrent “break up” plan entitled “spin-off” … as well as a “bankruptcy program” are often implemented with a view to triggering the liquidation, closing down or restructuring of a large number of nationally owned, private, and public enterprises.

Does this remind you of so-called Thatcherism? … Continued under Blair.

And Reaganism? … Continued under Clinton.

If so, then might this indicate the world (especially since about 1990) has been gradually “shaken down” by a cabal of conspiring bankers, financiers, and shysters?

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