Two Jews Confront Soldier Guarding British Crown Jewels

Encouraged by her Orthodox Jewish partner, a Jewess provocatively throws her glove onto the ground in front of a Guardsman, in the hope of obliging him to stoop and pick it up for her. She and her partner (husband?) wants the Duty Guardsman to do her bidding, presumably because she believes all non-Jews must serve ‘Jews’ no matter where on earth they are summoned to do this.

So how should we accurately assess this incident? It would seem to me the odd (and provocative) behaviour of these two ‘Jews’ can only suggest they harbour open contempt for not only Britain’s armed forces, but also (by extension) British institutions, and the British people. Be sure to watch this video closely yourself, and see what you make of it. Please post a comment if you feel moved to do so.

FYI … This video must have been taken outside the Tower of London. Therefore, the featured soldier is fully armed because he is part of a contingent guarding Britain’s Crown Jewels. Guards are required because these Jewels are kept on public display in the Jewel House and the Martin Tower (at the Tower of London) … while other pieces are displayed (elsewhere) in the debating chambers at the Palace of Westminster.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on 28 February 2017 by the Channel: Charles C.

Here’s Some Instructional Comments Posted On YouTube Under This Video

Don’t believe the Rothschild version of history; do some research, starting with Polish provocation of Germany over access to East Prussia, despite multiple attempts by Hitler to settle peacefully (including recognising Poland’s claim to German territory taken at Versailles); and Poland getting France and the UK to amass divisions along Germany’s borders before Hitler invaded Poland; and then subsequent violation of Belgium’s neutrality by the UK.  The maniacs hell bent on ruling Europe were and still are the Rothschild and the Jewish elite, who at the time controlled both Churchill and Stalin. Churchill was a warmonger driven by an insatiable desire to destroy Germany’s economy.

No, because we understand history and the reality that received “history” is written by the victors.  Do some research yourself  and don’t be afraid of the people who say “how dare you question the received wisdom; questioning it means you’re a traitor”. The men in my family went to war fighting Germany in both wars; but even I have now come around to see the truth. The same forces that precipitated the wars against Germany, are now trying to precipitate a global war between the West and Muslim nations.  Now try to work out who those forces are and who benefits from such conflict.

The delusional person is you.  No knowledge of history other than propaganda.  Because if you knew anything, you would know there were legions in the German army from all parts of Europe, there was a Muslim serb legion, an Arab legion and an Indian legion.  You should do some research into Subhas Chandra Bose, an Indian leader who knew exactly what Hitler was fighting, because he knew of the destruction wrought by the Rothschild on India.  You see, this whole racial superiority meme, along with the Holohoax, is just to fool people like you; Hitler’s crime was to develop an alternative to capitalism and communism, both of which are controlled by the Zionist elite.  You need to do some research; you need to wake up; you need to realise that there is something more to life than being a debt slave; and you need to realise that the same forces who triggered off WWII are busy right this moment fomenting violence through the ISIS; and then end result will be, once these forces have their way, deprivation of all civil liberties.  Even today, just go listen to Teresa May’s speech on the violence in London; what’s her solution?  State regulation of the internet!  Wake up.



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