What Prevented FBI From Recommending Hillary’s Prosecution?

A highly educational, insightful, and mature panel discussion about Hillary Clinton’s many felonies during her term of office in the Obama Administration.

This is how Western democracies operate today. They are run primarily by banking interests that create narratives intended to drive certain economic and sociopolitical results. The primary enforcers of these narratives are intel agencies like the Mossad, CIA, MI5 and MI6 and of course the FBI.

The nexus of control probably resides in London’s City [the so-called “Square Mile”] and thus in a sense one can argue that the West is already under one functional umbrella when it comes to control.

The trouble with this system is that it is secret. The FBI for instance, masqueraded as anti-criminal operation for a long time. Today it defines itself mostly as a state-security facility.

Read the entire article here: Loss of FBI Reputation Irredeemable: James Comey Will Resign




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