Hearing Our Ancestors

YouTube Deleted Video

You can now find Varg’s videos archived at Bitchute

Archived Video (will open Bitchute video in New Tab)


According to a “proud” red banner strung across the page by YouTube … Brother Varg Vikernes well-regarded account “Thulean Perspective” has been shut down, for the following bogus and disingenuous reasons:

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

It has now become very clear that YouTube (owned by Alphabet Inc. … an American {aka Globalist} multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mountain View, California, which was created through a corporate restructuring of Google on October 2, 2015) is a front for the imposition of Talmudic mores and one-world neoLiberal diktat.

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Anyone with European blood running through their veins should find this monologue interesting and worth their time. These personal thoughts and reflections from the heart are given by Varg Vikernes who runs the well-regarded YouTube channel: Thulean Perspective.

One of the weaknesses of all ethno-Europeans is our failure to understand and appreciate who we actually are. We deny the importance of giving sufficient respect to our distant ancestors and original traditions. This video may shake you out of your stupor.

Note also that Varg is not speaking in his native (Norwegian) tongue; English is his second language! To have the ability to ruminate philosophically in one’s second language is an impressive skill.

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