The CIA/Mossad Invasion Of Europe

Speculation U.S.A. Funding African Conquest of White Europe

By Ronald L. Ray —

An astonishing report has arrived from the website of the Austrian news journal, Info-Direkt. An anonymous Austrian intelligence source alleges that the United States is funding the hordes of Africans, Gypsies and others overrunning Europe. That means billions of dollars are being poured into a demographic war, annually bringing a million or more foreign invaders to the continent west of Russia. As many as 800,000 are expected in Germany alone this year. With the ostensible “asylum seekers” come violent crime, mayhem, an overburdened welfare system and uprisings against the host peoples. A race war is being fomented, and European whites are the target of the intended genocide.

According to the whistleblower, whom Info-Direkt describes as an employee of the Counter-Intelligence Office (Abwehramt) of the Austrian Federal Army’s intelligence service, findings show that groups in the U.S. pay human traffickers to transport the “refugees.”

“Traffickers demand horrendous sums [of money], in order to bring refugees to Europe. The conditions [Bedingungen] are often very bad. Nevertheless, transport currently costs between 7,000 and 14,000 euros, varying according to region and trafficking organization,” the informant reports.

The journal notes that police circles dealing daily with asylum seekers are well-apprised of costs and conditions.

The article continues, “Few experts are willing to let reliable information seep through; no one wants to go public with his full name.”

Still, the suspicion is expressed frequently that the foreign invasion is part of U.S. geo-strategy.

The intelligence source continues: “Findings exist, that organizations from the U.S.A. have created a co-financing model and bear major portions of the trafficking costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 euros in cash. Doesn’t anyone ask where the money comes from?”

But a news blockade exists about the whole situation. Even the Austrian Army Intelligence Office (Heeres-Nachrichtenamt), the Counter-Intelligence Office’s sister agency, “has received no information or is not permitted to share it,” says the whistleblower.

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Hitler's Final Statement (www.tomatobubble.com_2014-10-18)

  • Organize locally, and hold meetings in secret

  • Learn self-defense / martial arts – any type will do so long as you learn to be lethal

  • Try to move around in small groups or buddy-pairs … while remembering to behave like men, and with great dignity, at all times

  • The Police are not your enemy – but stop relying on them because presently they are controlled by “the enemy”, and therefore have their hands tied

  • Study the basics of Common and Germanic Law

  • Limit your reliance on the Internet / use encryption when communicating online

  • Prepare to arrest / put on trial (for treason) your political ‘leaders’

  • At the first opportunity prepare to dismantle all Synagogues and Mosques now found across the length & breadth of Europe (especially in Germany!)

  • At all costs, protect your White Sisters from being violated by Negroes and Arabs – our women-folk do not exist to give birth to ugly, mixed-race babies (products of conquest)

  • Please share this Blog Post with your White Brothers – do it now!

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