From Russia With Love – A Sincere And Sodomite Warning For YOU


Dr. Henry Makow and many others have posted many fine articles detailing the destructive effect that LGBT promotion and political/economic pressure, particularly by the Left and the government, has had upon the 98% majority who do not favor the promotion of homosexuality, but are cowed into remaining silent for fear of retribution from the well funded LGBT promoters.

However, seeing the depravity and perversity of the LGBT ‘lifestyle’ inserted into public view with such brazen abandon, polluting the minds and sensibilities of the very young, is shocking indeed and should be a wake up call to all concerned parents that ignoring this agenda will only lead to further devolution of the human family into the cesspool of depraved ‘humanism’ that the Illuminated Zionist planners wish to lead us.

© Copyright 2014

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