Time To Arrest The Rothschilds

Turn up volume to watch … it might help you wake up! 🙂

Early images are from the protests in Madrid, “Asedio al Congreso” (Siege the Congress) held on 25th September 2013, when the Police even beat up teenage girls using batons [Hat Tip: Gustavo Santos, YouTube commenter].

Note the similarity of uniforms now being worn by police forces throughout the G7 and G20 countries. That simple fact alone tells you something has been pre-planned.

Due to their similarity, Police tactics now being routinely used across the ‘western’ world also appear to have come from a single source. Many Australasian, European, and North American police forces have been advised or trained by ex-combat Israelis. That is a fact, not a theory.

Much of what Israel has pioneered against the Palestinians is now part of your own police force’s procedures manual. Are you happy with that?


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