Banking Cartel Has Already Destroyed The West!

Western World Sacrificing Its Real Silver & Gold In Desperate Attempt To Save The Petro-Dollar

3/4 of all “above ground” gold is now held in Asia, China, India, Russia, and Middle East.

But in USA / Europe / Britain, paper certificates (a derivative) are deemed equivalent to real gold (and real silver). This is both an illusion, and a self-destructing delusion.

Even Bloomberg TV (a propaganda arm of this Cartel) has been forced to admit that SILVER paper derivatives amount to a $5-TRILLION annualized market; whilst GOLD paper derivatives enjoy an $18-TRILLION annualized market.

So what’s the problem? It is fraud dressed up in Vaudeville fancy dress. If there is insufficient real silver and real gold held by the Bullion Banks to cover all these derivatives then the entirety of both markets is fraudulent. Little more than bags of hot air. And, according to those who regularly analyse the international movements of bullion metals, that has been the case since early 2013. Ergo, MSM news is LYING to you.

The West’s gold was sent (and continues to be sent) East to prop up the perceived value of the Federal Reserve Note (a worthless ‘Talmudic-Jewish’ paper currency) that you probably will still insist on calling … the US Dollar ($).

Ignore the ignorant whinings of presstitutes. A US Dollar is defined ONLY by the coinage act of 1792. Anything that is NOT a coin containing 371.25 grains (troy) of pure silver CANNOT be called a Dollar. Period!

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