Responding To Childish Western Females

The following has been taken from Zen Gardner’s refreshingly spiritual website. Specifically, the following exchange (below) has been taken from the comments section under the article: Why Is Evil In A Hurry? … by Elva Thompson.

Unfortunately, and predictably, this gave opportunity for at least one female responder to resort to that ugly trope called gender politics.

Jaqui Salmond undresses to celebrate brown-skinned male winning British Open Golf Tournament.
Jaqui Salmond undresses to celebrate a brown-skinned (mixed-race) male winning the British Open Golf Tournament [i.e., Tiger Woods]. Simultaneously, Jaqui’s erotic behaviour also announced to a global audience that white women wish to make themselves ‘available’ to all men, irrespective of ethnic background.
Perhaps the female in question is completely unaware that “gender politics” is an artificial construct: a sub-ideology emerging out of Khazar-Jewish “Cultural Marxism”, and created for the sole purpose of undermining ‘Western’ or Euro Culture … a white-only culture which used to include the USA, but no longer.


Jenny Jun 19, 2014 at 1:00 pm

I really found resonance with this piece of work. I need to find out more about the things you have said, Some of it I am totally aware of, and I have always wondered why [white] Men need to be totally in control, what fear they have about women to totally suppress them across the Globe and in many cultures.

I agree about the Little god, so many bits to the puzzle, but I will find all the pieces, because I am awake and can see the destruction of Mother Earth.


Ares Jun 19, 2014 at 5:50 pm

It is not men who “need” to be in control – it is weak, insecure, egoic [sic] people who need to control others.

I’ve known as many female control freaks as male ones in my time. In fact, I’ve probably encountered more female tyrants, come to think of it – and often they are much worse.

Real men are not interested in war, exploitation of, control of others, political ‘power’, control and suppression of women, and so forth. Real men value one thing above all else – that is, independence, which comes of strength.

But of course, the real men are hard to find, like all things genuine in this falsified world.

The common enemy of humankind, whether man or woman – is the psychopath/sociopath. And we’ll do so much better to defeat them if we come together and forget the petty sexisms.

They have done much to destroy male-female unity and solidarity in this world by dividing us – by creating feminism, for example.

If we could but totally eradicate the infra-human psychopath, we might find out what true men and true women really are – we may have a chance to understand both the divine masculine and the divine feminine, and attain true and necessary balance and harmony in regard to them.

But as long as we blame one or the other for our woes, we shall accomplish nothing but more disharmony and enmity. To hate “men” or to hate “women” is to hate a part of god, which is to hate a part of oneself, ultimately…

“There is a war between the man and the woman” – but it is not a necessary war, and certainly it is unnatural.

Real men, to say it again, are not “afraid” of women, are not interested in oppressing or suppressing or controlling others – and the true masculine has nothing whatsoever to do with war or political power or any of that nonsense. The true masculine power pertains to creation – and without it, we are nothing.

The “tension” between the sexes and the myriad genders is meant to create harmony, not war. All is spirit, at the end of the day. And all needs to be honored and respected.

Loquendo says Amen to that!!


Wars (and the childish aggression that incites or provokes wars) are caused either by unbalanced women (think Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, and Madeline Albright, et al)  or by the corrupted form of female energy that is always expressed by male homosexuals {e.g., Senator Lindsey Graham (SC)}

Study the history of Western ‘leadership’ or its coterie of ‘advisers’ since the late 19th century, and you will find a preponderance of homosexuals (most married to women). In his youth the alcoholic war-monger, Winston Churchill was a notorious homosexual and dilettante.





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