Elite ‘Jews’ Reprogrammed The West

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If White (ethno-European) People fail to recognize their racial exclusivity, and act accordingly, then they face a bleak future … one that will ultimately lead to genetic obliteration.

Following the successful 1917-20 “Bolshevik” (i.e., Khazar-Jewish) overthrow of White (Czarist) Russia—a bloody coup financed almost entirely by international bankers located in London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and Manhattan (NYC)—an undeclared ‘race war’ was set in motion against all ethno-Europeans, by elite Jews and their Zionist lackeys.

The Third Reich, under Adolf Hitler, was an historical attempt to thwart this anti-European policy: first through racial purity programmes, and then via offensive military action designed to protect hitherto vulnerable pockets of ethno-German populations that had been geographically and politically isolated by the misguided and treacherous, Treaty of Versailles. A treaty conference that had clearly been dominated by a disproportionate number of ‘Jewish’ attendees acting as ‘advisors’ (especially as support members of the British, French, and American delegations!). Furthermore, according to all serious historical accounts, persons claiming ‘Jewish’ identity also dominated those attending as public observers.

In the year 1900, ethno-Europeans made up about 32 percent of the entire world (global) population.

As the 20th Century dawned, the world was at peace, civilization had reached great heights, nearly all of Europe (including most of Russia west of the Urals) was marked by modern transport systems and truly remarkable architecture.

During the period 1880 to 1910, a young, healthy, educated man of reasonable means could travel in relative comfort from England’s Northwest to Tahiti in the Pacific (via the Suez Canal and Indian Ocean) without fear of robbery or death en-route, while meeting an astonishing array of beautiful women at various ports of call. And then return home safely, several months later, still free of disease. [This paragraph added 15-May-23]

Today (roughly 120 years later) … thanks to:

  • The corrupting influence of Radical Feminism;
  • The massive uptake of young women into the workforce;
  • The relatively ease with which most white women can access abortion; even during the late term of pregnancy;
  • The promotion, by Western governments, of female contraception – particularly the “contraceptive pill”;
  • The active mass media sponsorship of male homosexuality;
  • Two World Wars (in quick succession) that literally devastated the male population in many key, European nations – via death, mutilation, or psychological trauma …

… the percentage of ethno-Europeans making up the global population has now fallen to something close to just 10 percent {social-media estimates typically vary from 8 to 11 percent}. [edited 15-May-23]

Under decades long reduced birth rates among all ethno-White populations, coupled with the genocidal effects of COVID19 generated ‘weaponized’ injections, Europeans will soon (c. 2025-30) comprise less than 7 percent of humanity. [edited 15-May-23]

This is why every other racial group living among ‘Whites’ in former White-nations are constantly referred to as “Minorities”: in your nightly news, in documentaries, and by the usual gaggle of useful-idiot, social media commentators. Obviously you are being gas-lit! Which is why you MUST quickly get wise to what is really going on “behind your back”, and behind those of your kith, kin, and so-called ‘leaders’. [edited 15-May-23]

We each need to comprehend (to a sufficient degree) the social and cultural effects of hosting a couple of million young males from sub-Saharan (Black) Africa. Many of whom have (somehow) been allowed free access to the European sub-continent.

In other words, “our authorities” have actively encouraged their arrival en masse. Supporters of this insane policy are quick to uphold the apparent (but unproven) need to avoid something they call “racism”; no matter what the social costs to Europe and to Europeans turn out to be.

In consequence, and helped again by the sodomized antics of our sickened media and of pernicious Hollywood imagery, many hundreds of thousands of young white women now enter their most sexually active years with a bizarre ambition: to have sex, or to birth children, with a black (negro) male … on European soil.

Many parts of Europe are literally being transformed, right now, into regions having genetic similarities to South Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Bizarrely, there is no shortage of high-profile ‘white’ people who are prepared to publicly applaud this. Such people are worse than traitors.

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NOTE: WordPress.com will only process YouTube video embeds for free. Embedding videos hosted by Rumble, Bitchute, etc., must be paid for via a higher subscription plan, which is why you are seeing this video in low resolution.
NOTE: WordPress.com will only process YouTube video embeds for free. Embedding videos hosted by Rumble, Bitchute, etc., must be paid for via a higher subscription plan, which is why you are seeing this video in low resolution.
NOTE: WordPress.com will only process YouTube video embeds for free. Embedding videos hosted by Rumble, Bitchute, etc., must be paid for via a higher subscription plan, which is why you are seeing this video in low resolution.

In de jure terms, there exists a significant number of ‘white’ countries: Scandinavia, all of northern Europe, eastern Europe, the British Isles, Greece, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and little old Ireland (Eire).

But in de facto terms, there is not one white country left on the planet! What ostensibly are ‘white’ nations are in fact all ‘multicultural’. Do you think this is an accident? Do you really think 12, 15, or more disparate countries could unwittingly reconfigure and coordinate their immigration policies to the extent they all turned out identical?? Do pigs fly?

Not so long ago, there were two ‘white’ nations in Africa: Rhodesia and the Republic of South Africa. No matter what your media tells you, or what so-called academics claim to the contrary … they were both entirely legal, and were established without conquest. But neither were compatible with the post-war political Zeitgeist of total de-Germanification and ‘white’ subjugation via cultural destruction and the promotion of self-loathing (ref: The Frankfurt School).

Ultimately, both were destroyed by ‘clever’ financial machinations orchestrated out of London (in the case of Rhodesia), and the Washington DC/New York City Axis (in the case of the Republic of South Africa).

I have visited 24 territories in my life time, and I have yet to find any nation outside of those ‘white’ entities previously listed who would tolerate, for just one moment, the large scale influx of people from alien cultures, and with very different genetic makeups; otherwise known as “mass immigration”.

Our leading politicians are all subservient to a ‘higher’, hostile, and more determined influence that has been acting behind the scenes, with impunity, since the 1930s. This highly coordinated group is filled to overflowing with greed, malice, and psychopathic evangelism that largely emanates from the Torah and Talmud. They took full advantage of the Great Depression, which in the United States was only ended by Washington DC’s premeditated and pre-scripted response to “Pearl Harbor” (December 7, 1941). [This paragraph added 15-May-23]

It was America’s UK-sponsored (i.e., Winston Churchill’s pleaded) involvement in yet another European war, and not any of FDR’s so-called “New Deals”, which brought an end to economic depression within the Continental USA. And this, despite the remarkable success of the Hoover Dam project, etc., etc. [This paragraph added 15-May-23]

No man worth his salt would tolerate the invasion of his own home or village such that his wife and daughters are made vulnerable to the sexual predations of roaming males arriving from non-performing cultures, located far away. This is the time-honoured behaviour of a conquering army.

Perhaps this is one reason why so many of our leading politicians must first be closet homosexuals so they may be marked for promotion and/or elevated to positions of ‘power’.

Even the Teflon coated idiot, Tony Blair—later depicted as a lusty yet happily married male with children—was convicted of homo-sodomy (performed in an undisclosed public toilet) at a Bow Street Magistrate’s Court during the mid 1970s. At that time he would have been aged circa 22 years. He was convicted (of importuning) and fined £50.00 under the name “Lynton Blair”.

Any sane person, grappling to understand this phenomenon, would make use of the term … slow motion genocide … for that is exactly what is happening.

If you are racked by genuine doubts, then please replay the above videos (or better still, seek out other videos and podcast productions discussing the same topic) until you feel sufficiently informed to face the ugly reality now unfolding. Your very own existence, and that of your children and/or brethren now depends upon you waking from years of Corporate/MSM gas-lighting and from a more recent, soma induced trance. [This paragraph edited/expanded on 15-May-23]

Be warned. I am not joking, and nor am I exaggerating.

If you are of ethno-European stock, and you find this post offensive, then may I suggest you are one of those whose mind and thinking processes have been so corrupted by lies, propaganda, evil dogma, and artificially induced self-hatred that you can no longer reason. Like a rabbit frozen by full-beam headlights, you simply can’t see the proverbial freight train bearing down on you.

If you think you can just pretend all this will magically go away of its own accord … then please think again! The future prospects for your genome have already been decided for you … at least we can say this will remain the case until you finally decide to take direct action to help others of your kind oppose and then crush (((their))) well telegraphed genocidal agenda.

Those wedded to meek fatalism, or nihilism, are simply not going to be tolerated. So don’t kid yourself into thinking you can just passively ‘sit out’ the years until the 2030-35 period arrives. You simply won’t be allowed to!

NOTE: Please do not confuse Russia with the Soviet Union. The KGB was the final incarnation of a series of blood-thirsty security apparatuses (MVD, NKVD, OGPU, GPU) that all served the Khazar-Jewish agenda of total domination and exploitation of the Russian people and Russia’s resources. The KGB may still exist today, but it is in no way the same organization (vis-a-vis its strategic role and management) as that which existed when the above video was originally created by G. Edward Griffin – the interviewer – and recorded around the time of the USSR’s collapse. The Russian (Slav) people are similarly threatened. They are our natural allies; and certainly NOT our enemy!


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