Some Light (Bulb) Relief

Many if not most of us have been under exceptional and incessant stress since around the late January 2020 period.

February under an expanding Coronacon felt directionless and confused. While March felt very “heavy”: full of bizarre twists & turns, and peppered by a slew of “curved-balls” arriving from that far yonder “left-field”.

Therefore, having reached the month of April I reckon we’re in dire need of some light relief! What say you?

But what’s your honest assessment of modern comedy? Does it make you belly laugh? From my admittedly biased perspective I’d gladly posit there’s been precious little real comedy since the 1980s.

Accepting that hearty laughter is arguably your and my best inoculation against the Coronacon “virus” … how about we turn back the clock to the 1970s and the incomparable Peter Sellers?

Try watching this Pink Panther clip from 1975 with a straight face!

$1,000 you don’t.

α ω

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