Don’t Parrot The Noahide Ideology That’s Out To Kill You

Don’t Parrot The Corrosive “Ruling Ideology”

The so-called ‘Jews’ are NOT a race. They never were a race: not now nor never. Sophisticated and devious parasites control and direct that peculiar sub-culture. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to feed off (and grow fat on) the creativity and energy produced by the people of the world … especially the ‘Western’ World.

To see this more clearly, let’s borrow from particle/wave theory; the same one used to illustrate the contradictory behaviour of light.

These self-proclaimed ‘Jews’ are at one and the same time: a Cult hiding behind a totally bogus ‘religion’ … AND … an International Crime Syndicate with direct access to those who actually print and issue our paper currencies.

SOURCE: Mission Impossible




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One comment

  1. I see it too. So what does that make us? The .01% of the world’s population who know how to think critically, analytically? I say, “It’s better to be part of the .01% than to be one of the deceived.”
    This is the problem, as I see it. they’re not rooted in a description of reality that has any substance, so they struggle to find meaning in a superficial ‘world.’

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