Illuminati’s Strategy – The Slow Genocide Of ‘Christian’ Europe

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Disclose.tvThe Endgame – Full White Genocide Documentary Preview

The Talmud teaches “Destroy the Race and you destroy the Nation.” This provided the inspiration behind the Bolshevik destruction of Russia during 1917-19.

This anti-European policy has been conscientiously implemented by legions of ‘Jews’, and Crypto Jews, ever since they were handed a vicious and malicious victory over the German people in 1945 by the so-called “Allied Forces”.

Starting in England, in 1948, a policy of what amounts to forced “black male on white female” miscegenation has been used as a tool to advance top-down integration.  This same policy has been exported to help destroy every nominally ethno-European nation (including Australia, Canada, and the USA) in incremental steps.

The counterfeit Elite Jews (identified mostly by their thick lower lips, and big hooked noses) have repeatedly forced their way into key (gate-keeper) positions within nearly every government throughout the entire western world, since the 1930s. This is in addition to International Banking (and Hollywood) being a de facto ‘Jewish’ enterprise.

Their sole intention is to slowly mongrelize (and thus dilute) each specific race. It is not only ‘whites’ who have been targeted. Although diluting “White Europe” to genetic irrelevance, confusion, and in-fighting is the ‘Elite Jews’ number one priority.

They passionately believe that this will bring about their New World Order … aka the Jew World Order, which will then be administered from Jerusalem using unlimited Rothschild money.

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