Adolf Hitler – The Man Who Fought The ‘Irish’ Banksters

This video is self-explanatory. So is the truth.

Dieses Video ist selbsterklärend. So ist die Wahrheit.

Cette vidéo est explicite. Donc, ce est la vérité.

Este video se explica por sí. Así es la verdad.

Это видео говорит само за себя. Так истина.

هذا الفيديو هو إلى شرح. ذلك هو الحقيقة.




    • Thank you for the links. The original cartoon is typical of the Alex Jones type misdirection, i.e. Illuminati, Nazis, Masons etc. This fails to indentify the people behind these facades. So who replaced the pyramid with the Jewish head on the cartoon? And where can I find the modified cartoon?

      – Arch


      • Good question Arch. If you cannot find the source of what was actually used in the video, do you know anyone who could do a “Photoshop job” for you? For an experienced graphics artist, the redesign task shouldn’t take long to complete. At least you can make sure the result is made to reflect reality.

  1. I would like to know where I can get the full image of the cartoon at 1:04 in this video. This cartoon portrays Jews controlling the election process via the mass media, with one leg being red republican and the other blue democrat as the Jew shouts through a bullhorn “left, right, left, right”.

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