American Females Too Aggressive??

For those of us who have travelled — in the real sense of the word — the American female has a reputation all of her own. Look at any typical American family, and it is really not difficult to guess who is wearing the trousers. It is hardly ever the male, despite his exaggerated physical size.

It is foolish, beyond measure, to believe a nation’s womenfolk have no influence upon the mental state of its menfolk (e.g., rendering them more diplomatic or more aggressive) and the stance of those outward looking institutions that only men can build.

American Women Prefer To Dominate

A wisecrack once said that the ONLY reason American women are enthusiastic and well-practised givers of Fellatio, is because that is the only time they will ever agree to being submissive when relating to their male partners. Receiving good head (fellatio) gives the otherwise hen-pecked American men-folk the illusion they are in control of their own society.

US Bodybuilder - Huffington Post (02)

Now I realize that philosophically, one should not readily condemn or categorize whole populations: tarring them with the same brush. But, in the American (USA) case, there really does appear to be justification for it.

Of course, nothing is black or white. Shades of grey abound. But, I am talking here about standard statistical distributions. Identifying the predominant collective characteristic. In which case, we might expect the dominant characteristic to afflict about 60 to 70 percent of any given population. When such data is displayed graphically, then we call it the chart of “Standard Deviation”.

A classical Standard Deviation plot. It represents the "mean of the mean" of a data set. It is also known by the term "bell curve".
A classical Standard Deviation plot. It represents the “mean of the mean” of a data set. It is also known by the term “bell curve”.

Is Kali The Role Model?

A culture’s morality and social discipline is most readily measured by studying the behaviour and attitudes of all sexually active women … particularly those who are not (yet) wives and mothers.

The sheer arrogance embedded in the voice and speech patterns of American women is revealing enough. There is no other race, ethnicity, or creed that comes anywhere near them. Collectively, they appear to have an accidental correlation with the Hindu Goddess: Kali.

Kali Goddess_03

Kali is the primary Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction. I am reminded of Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Nancy Pelosi, and Diane Feinstein, et al.

For example, I have never been able to identify any humanity in the facial expression or demeanour of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg: long time member of the US Supreme Court. Just as with Albright (Czechoslovakia) and Feinstein (Bolshevik Russia), Ginsberg exhibits the classically foreboding (other-worldly) face of a Jewess whose roots lie in Eastern Europe or the Pontic Steppe region:

The psychic link to Kali is not without merit. Young America’s current icon, Miley Cyrus, may know little or nothing about Kali’s nature or Kali’s predilection for destruction; but you can be sure her Agent, or those who are promoting her for profit, certainly do. Miley may still be young, brash and privately innocent … but her onstage persona is undoubtedly full of hyper-aggressive sexuality. And the Kali tongue is evidently Miley’s new “trade mark”.


How Does A ‘Woman’ Head DARPA?

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) brings together a wide array of cutting edge technological companies in order to advance defense related products that in many respects exceed what was once the fayre of Star Trek or various Sci-Fi novels.

For example, DARPA is responsible for the development of immensely powerful robots (bipedal and quadrupedal) that will soon have the capacity to hunt down humans, kill them, and then harvest their organs for good measure. Facebook was a spin-off from DARPA. And in its early days Google had close links to the Agency also. According to DARPA’s own website:

DARPA was created in 1958 as the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The political and defense communities recognized the need for a high-level defense organization to formulate and execute R&D projects that would expand the frontiers of technology beyond the immediate and specific requirements of the Military Services and their laboratories […] DARPA’s (or ARPA’s) involvement in the creation of the Internet began with an idea to link time-sharing computers into a national system.

Regina E. Dugan – Ex Director of DARPA

Born March 19, 1963 in New York City — oh … not that damned junk place again!! — Dugan is an American businesswoman, inventor, and technology developer!

She served as the 19th Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In March 2012, she left the US Federal agency that invents better ways to surveil the masses or cleverer ways to kill, in order to take up an executive role at Google. Dang … and you thought Google was your fluffy little friend, eh? 😦

In the video that follows, and despite playing the role of yet another “Useful Idiot”, listen to (the not unattractive) Ms. Dugan explain her ‘visions’ for the future. Our futures!

This video was produced by AllThingsD (“All Things Digital”) using their TV podcast channel. D11 (shown logoed on the video) was a self-hosted technology conference. D1 thru D10 were earlier conferences by the same organization. The D11 conference was held at Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Readers should take careful note that AllThingsD is owned by Dow Jones & Company. Since 2007, the Dow Jones & Company has been majority-owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

In turn, News Corp is effectively one giant tentacle of the global, Zionist media octopus. So yet again … the trail gradually leads us right back to ‘Jews’, and their total domination of the USA.

US Foreign Policy Dominated By Corrupted ‘Feminine’ Mores

On this issue I have not yet searched for accurate/reliable statistics (if such a things exist these days) but many times over the years I have seen the US State Department described as a haven for women.  Apparently an unusually high percentage of its workforce, not to mention a great many of its public “spokespersons”, have been female.

Here is an example from the Obama era. Jen Psaki is shown here [below] answering reporters questions on the many aggressions (then current) shown by Kiev against Ukraine’s ethnic-Russian enclaves of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Psaki did not hesitate to defend and justify the grotesque use of phosphorous munitions by forces loyal to Kiev, which had been dropped onto the village of Slavyansk (near to Donetsk: a regional capital in the Russian-Ukraine Donblast).

Listen carefully to her egoistic and incompetent responses. Look at her expressions … devoid of the warmth and compassion men are entitled to expect from females of menstruating age. One commenter writing at the Voice of Russia website states: She is the best possible symbol of American duplicity and stupidity.

Loquendo would also emphasise Psaki’s general lack of “life experience”. She is far too young to be representing the Foreign Office of a so-called “Super Power”. Her very appointment must surely question the competence of those who put her there.

Any entity characterized by emotionally dominant and over-ambitious females (who are often also proud of their barren wombs) is on a fast track to self-destruction.

And It’s Not Just America Getting Bitch Slapped

According to the ABC News (Australia) spiel; after becoming Australia’s first female prime minister following a mid-term change of leadership, Julia Gillard was then constantly undermined from within. How dare they do that!

Why not Post a comment and let other readers know your thoughts on this (as yet) unresolved gender war.

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  1. Wow a very heartfelt ant true article, I share my frustration there are good women but they are so brain washed too, but mostly it’s the void the men chicken out of everything as much as possible and wemon don’t even think about well anything brain washed distracted to the superficial uninformed misinformed an engineered sickness that can’t work I don’t know how our country keeps going at all. Even the best of them are just not asking questions. Thank you thank you good good writing.

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